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Marquez criticizes teammates after Red Bulls’ latest loss


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If things weren't bad enough in New York Red Bulls land, Rafa Marquez has gone and made them worse with his latest public comments.

Speaking through an interpreter after New York's dismal 3-1 loss to Real Salt Lake on Wednesday, Marquez criticized his teammates, saying they were not on his level.

"I'm focusing on really performance at my highest level. That doesn't mean that the whole backline can perform at that same level, so that’s a problem," Marquez told the "I think this is a team game and unfortunately there isn't an equal level between my teammates and I."

Marquez, who was booed by fans at Red Bull Arena nearly every time he touched the ball on Wednesday, has come under much scrutiny in recent weeks as New York has won just one of its last 10 matches, leaving the Red Bulls on the outside of the playoff picture.

What do you think of Marquez's comments? Is he right?

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  1. I don’t watch NYRB, but I’m pretty sure that strictly in terms of the POV Marquez expressed (not regarding his supposed duty to keep such opinions to himself while playing for NYRB), Marquez is correct.

    It’s true that MLS coaching and players are at a very low level among all the world’s leagues and clubs. The only reason any MLS team would win versus the worst clubs in the world would be due to athleticism, stamina, fluke goals, opponent unforced mistakes; not skill, not punishing counterattacks, and not frustrating, teasing, prolong possession, and not due to numerous clear chances created (not even a modest amount).

    MLS’s best moments so far this year have probably come from the Latin-influenced attack in Seattle where there are enough decent football brains and skills on the attack in any one moment to create something.

  2. If I were Hans Backe, Marquez would ride the pine at all remaining reserve team matches so that he had the experience of observing players on his level in the hopes that his game might improve.

  3. I said from the outset that this guy was a bum and WAY overpaid. I was immediately taken to task by many on here saying I didn’t know what I was talking about. I think it is clear who was right.


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