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Keane tops new DPs in updated salary list


After releasing its initial list of player salaries in May, the MLS Players' Union recently released an updated edition, which includes all of the new signings from an active summer transfer period.

More recent Designated Player signings Robbie Keane, Frank Rost, Mustapha Jarju, Jeferson, Milton Caraglio, Danny Koevermans and Torsten Frings are included in the bunch. To nobody's surprise, Keane makes the most of that group this season ($3.4 million). Caraglio is making the least ($54,000), which suggests that the Revolution likely paid a hefty transfer fee for his services for him to be considered a DP.

David Beckham continues to lead all players with his $6.5 million salary, while Thierry Henry is next at $5.6 million. On the other end of the spectrum, Seattle playmaker Mauro Rosales remains one of the top signings (if not the top signing) from a bang-for-your-buck standpoint, making just $42,000.

Who do you think are the best bargains in the league? Who do you think isn't living up to his end of a lucrative deal?

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  1. how is it depressing? George John is making exactly what he was able to negotiate at the time he signed his contract. He even had the leverage of a Euro passport, so he had the potential of playing overseas and making his name there. His deal was directly in line with the people drafted around him (GA Excepted) Jean Alexandre was drafted 12th, and is making (be ready) $42,000/year. Stefan Frei was 13th, directly ahead of John, bur was GA. Ryan Maxwell was directly after him. anyone know where Ryan Maxwell is? two spots later? Evan Brown, currently lighting it up for an amateur team in Raleigh. three spots later? Brad Ring. making $42k.

    Unless there is some specific demand for your services, or you have a particular reputation and demonstrated performance, you tend to get lowballed in your first job out of college. You want to play professional soccer? well, you can sign a deal with MLS, but they won’t pay you much. or you can use your Greek passport and go try to get a job in Europe, they probably won’t pay you anything to start, but you might turn an internship into something else. or not. so you play out your first contract and voila! leverage.

  2. It’s silly that GJ makes that much, but besides the inappropriateness of that comparison, John reportedly turned down an extension recently reathat would have dramatically increased his salary.

  3. Honestly, how is the franchise hurting for money when it’s averaging nearly double the average MLS attendance? They’re clearly doing something wrong.

  4. its a crime how Keane was robbed the other day. I dont care how much money he has, that fiasco down in mexico is shameless!!!


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