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Report: Bradley doesn’t get Santos job


The hunt for Bob Bradley's next coaching job continues.

According to reports out of Mexico, Santos Laguna is set to hire Benjamin Gallindo as its head coach, opting to go with the former standout player and one-time Santos coach (2006) over the former U.S. national team boss.

Bradley had been in Torreon, Mexico, to interview for the position and was considered a serious candidate but ultimately appears to have been passed over for the job.

Bradley still remains a top candidate to coach the Egyptian national team, whose vacancy is expected to be filled in the coming week. Former Ghana coach Milovan Rajevac has also emerged as a top candidate for the position.

What do you think of this development? Disappointed Bradley won't be coaching in Mexico? Where would you like to see him end up? Egypt? MLS?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. In August of 2010 BB signed a 4-year extension.

    I believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, under the terms of his contract, he will still be paid his salary until the contract ends or until he gets another job. I haven’t read the contract but that is usually how these deals work.

    He is getting paid about $500,000 grand a year for the next 3 years, at this point, to not work.

    That means he is probably too expensive for most MLS teams, not that he wants to go back any time soon. It also means he can afford to be a litte bit selective about what jobs he chooses to take.

    Technically, he is employed because he has a valid contract and is being paid to not manage the US team. Nice work if you can get it. If that is what getting fired means, we should all be so lucky.

  2. My understanding is he speaks enough to get by. My guess would be if he did live in Mexico it would not be long before it would improve dramatically.

    Spanish is lot easier to pick up as a foreigner than Egyptian Arabic.

  3. Maybe but they wouldn’t be likely to match his severance pay salary.

    Bradley can afford to be selective and I doubt he wants to go back to the MLS right now.

  4. You may remember Guus Hiddink?

    He managed South Korea to their best finish in the World Cup and is still considered an idol there?

    I’m pretty sure he doesn’t speak any Korean.

  5. I think it’s funny that you would assume that the guy just rubber stamps each club he presides over. Every coach has principles, but good coaches try to capitalize the strengths of their roster… Of course it’s not so straightforward since there are many other issues and voices involved, but I think BB deserves abut more credit in his ability to shift…

  6. Oh is that the place where they tell you that taking a semester of Spanish III means you’re fluent in Spanish? I think somebody must have told Grant Wahl that too. He actually went on CNN Espanol recently to talk about Klinsmann. I was embarrassed for him watching it, but those Ivy kids have such indestructible self esteem, Grant tweeted the link. Like, look teacher, watch me habla-in’ el Spanish!

  7. “This US National team coach, or interim coach I should say, Bob Bradley, speaks fluent Spanish, and English of course. The US Federation I believe making it a requirement, or a prerequisite, a rule I’m sure they’ll break if the right coach comes along. The former England national team coach, Sven Goran Erikson, I hear speaks at least four or five languages. Then there are coaches like Bora or Guus Hiddink, who must know a tribe of languages or bits and pieces due to their stints as national team coaches.”

    From soccer-trainig-info. I can’t vouch for it’s accuracy.

  8. If your talking about foreign player spots the limit in Mexico’s first division is 5 per team. And the great majority of foreign players in the league are Latin American.

  9. Imagine a former US Pres 2nd City who then cant get one of those lucrative speaking gigs, not because he was embroiled in controversy or legal issues. How obscene is that? Leaders of a great country should be able to cash in after time served, otherwise it reflects badly on us Dennis.

  10. No, Milovan Rajevac, the guy who coached Ghana in WC 2010, will not get the job. Apparently, according to one news story, Egypt offered him the job a couple of days ago, but he turned it down because Egypt would not meet his salary demands. According to this story, Egypt now is turning attention back to BB and wants him.

    Milovan’s Demands Rule Him Out Of Egypt Job

  11. Show me the 1 interview that BB has done in Spanish and I’ll agree with you. In the 4+ years at the helm of the Nat’s team with the multiple games played in LATAM, I never once saw an interview with him in Spanish….Sorber yes….but not Bradley.

    So, I think the point of not being capable of communicating in Spanish played in Santos Laguna’s decision…as it should. The same as an MLS coach must know English. The same as any league dependent on a talent pool the nation it plays in.

    Perhaps some countries have lessened their quota of ‘name of nation’ requirements. In the US, the MLS requires that 22 of the 30 slots (on average, as these ‘slots’ can be traded), consist of ‘non-International’, thus ‘English’ speaking slots. I’m not sure of what the % of international slots are in Mexico, but I’m guessing they are similar at about 70-80% for ‘nationals’.

    To think that local language is not a big consideration is being completely blind to reality.

  12. yeah, why are the mexicans so weird about that? sure we invaded them on 2 or 3 occasions, but lets not forget the 14 new mexicans Pancho Villa killed, and we’re not all weird about mexican coaches in the US.

  13. Bob coached a top 15 team, he should be able to find a job. I hate for Bob to come home to MLS, because everyone and their grandmother knows that would mean a huge paycut. After putting in 5 years for the USA, Bob deserves a good paycheck. The mexicans chickened out.

  14. So he’s been employed fairly consistently for decades, and will probably be employed again soon, yet we should be reading something into the fact that he’s been unemployed for a whole freaking month?


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