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SBI MLS Player of the Week: Mauro Rosales

MauroRosales (Getty)

For the second straight week, the SBI MLS Player of the Week isn't a player with a multi-goal game on the resume, but rather a player responsible for setting up the goals.

This time around it is Seattle Sounders playmaker Mauro Rosales who takes SBI's MLS Player of the Week for his outstanding performance driving Seattle's potent attack during its 3-0 victory against D.C. United. Rosales had a hand in all three goals, recording a pair of assists and serving up the dangerous cross that led to Seattle's third goal.

Rosales edged out a trio of multi-goal scorers, including Los Angeles Galaxy's Mike Magee, Toronto FC's Danny Koevermans and Seattle teammate Alvaro Fernandez.

What did you think of Rosales' performance this week? Who was your pick for MLS Player of the Week?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Tell me, why you think that you should have to defensively sub out a player towards the end of the game just to make sure he doesn’t get injured? That’s poor.

  2. Latest from SSFC

    “An MRI has revealed a small tear of Mauro Rosales’ right MCL with no additional damage. Mauro is expected to miss 2-4 weeks.”

  3. Another star player goes down after a hack. The kleague should have put forth stronger suspensions on the Zakuani and Morales hacks. This will keep happening until the league wises up.

  4. Rosales is fun to watch, and it SUCKS he’ll miss the Champions League game this week.

    fine Woolard something fierce! been kneed like that on purpose from behind, and it left a nasty stain each time

    Coward’s play at 0-3 in the 89th minute

  5. Daniel Woolard … DC’s finest. Nothing but a cynical “hit job” because he was made to look foolish ALL game.

    very unprofessional

  6. Maybe you’re also saying that your best, most important and lowest paid player shouldn’t be on the field at the end of a 3-0 game to begin with?

  7. Getting tired of seeing some of the league’s best players get hacked to injury.

    Nothing keeps international players away more than knowing the refs allow such physical games. Ridiculous how much stuff doesn’t get called.

    What would it seriously take to get better refs?

  8. It has gotten frustrating to watch Rosales get hacked every game. I’m not entirely sure how you clean up the league though, since most of the officials that currently handle MLS games would rather not hand out cards. I thought Kevin Stott was actually pretty good in comparison to the standard he’s set for himself over the last few years – although objectively, he still did a poor job.

    I think the only viable solution is for teams to develop a “goon” lineup like they have in hockey. Late on in games in which you are winning, you sub in your three goons, and they focus only on injuring players on the losing team who have been hacking the winning team’s creative players all game long. There need to be repercussions or else people won’t stop. I’m 90% joking, as this might be a reasonable solution – trade a red card to a non-important player in the 85th minute in exchange for the threat that anybody who hacks your players is going to get it back before the final whistle.

  9. He’s everything we hoped Ljungberg would be but wasn’t. On the field he’s got his fingerprints on every attack, and off, he’s well liked and a positive role model for the younger players. Agree with Sigi that the league has to find a way to protect him, or really all of our stars. The strategy seems to be put him on the ground the second he touches the ball. Not cool and ultimately not good for the league.

  10. I was at the game and it felt like a privilege to watch the way he directed the offense. Great player, who along with several others in MLS, deserves to be able to play the beautiful game without being hacked to death.

    Good choice


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