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USMNT to face Ecuador at Red Bull Arena on Oct. 11


The U.S. men's national team will play its first game at Red Bull Arena on Oct. 11 when the Americans take on Ecuador in a friendly in Harrison.

The match will be the United States second match during the October international fixture window, with the Americans taking on Honduras in Miami on Oct. 8th.

The United States will be facing Ecuador for the first time since March 25, 2007, when Landon Donovan scored a hat-trick in a 3-1 USA victory.

The October friendlies are expected to feature a foreign-based roster. It remains to be seen what part MLS players will play considering MLS teams will be in the thick of the playoff stretch. November international fixture dates seem the most likely to include a full contingent of players from both MLS and Europe.

What do you think of this news? Excited about the idea of the national team playing at Red Bull Arena? Will you be attending?

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  1. so soft the USMNT overcame two honest goals disallowed in South Africa to win their group anyway

    I’m all for tough players, but they come from everywhere mate, and I don’t care from where, urban rural suburban, whatever.

  2. I’m not talking about the Lalas interview. I’m talking about an interview by the guys in which Twellman said 1 goal in 3 games is not good enough, especially when Klinsmann is implementing an attacking style. He said one striker up front has failed over and over again for the USA and should not be attempted with the current players pool. Demerit said the “[the Belgium game] reminded him of actual Brussel sprouts . . . strange looking and they dont taste very good.” You know Demerit is not insulting his former teammates.

  3. Red Bull Arena is a proper futbol pitch. I’d rather see the team play in a footie specific pitch rather than a converted football field now.

  4. taylor twellman was being ridiculous though. lalas asked him if he would rather win now (the costa rica game) or in qualifying. twellman said now. makes no sense. and frankly, he only said that during that game, it hasn’t really be repeated.

    as for the germans laughing at us, who cares? when has a top European team ever not laughed at the USA?

  5. dude, bob didn’t change the entire style of the USMNT. he took what was there and kept doing the same thing. i agree that we need to see a little more from these next two games, but get over yourself. 1-0 against Belgium, in Belgium, with new players and a new system is not bad. 1-1 against mexico in his first game, also not bad. the costa rica game was the most disappointing, but even still, we played well in the first half. just couldn’t finish, which has ALWAYS been the case.

  6. honestly, he’s right, you can change it for pretty cheap. If you are within 24 hours of booking, Virgin America will do it for free. Call the airline and see what they say. Can’t hurt.

  7. Bradley played teams that were ranked higher than the US (Chile, Argentina, Spain and Paraguay and came away with 2 ties and 2 loses.

    Klimgs had played Mexico, Costa Rica, Belgium, Honduras and Ecuador.

    This scheduling reminds me of college football where the better teams play “lower” level teams and dumb down their schedule to obtain a better record….

  8. Actually the guy is saying pretty much the same thing as some former US players like Taylor Twellman and Jay Demerit are saying. And the dude is right about the Germans thinking we’re stupid.

  9. Totally agree with that. The USMNT should announce that it will play only in soccer specific stadiums with grass, either on a strictly rotating basis or with some sort of formula to favor higher population density areas with a higher proportion of games. That would reward regions that go to the trouble to build soccer specific stadiums and would probably usually mean sold out stadiums (and not the half-empty look of a lot of USMNT friendlies). Plus, it would encourage other cities to build soccer specific stadiums. (and Portland, which now uses field turf, to switch to real grass). This is a list of current soccer specific stadiums.

  10. Personally I want to see an Encore of the Agudelo Bunbury pairing, with a little Brek Shea on the side. We gotta start looking at who is going to be hitting their peak in 4 years, which I think is precisely what Klinsmann is doing. For the German team he was an Architect, although its is obvious Loew had a strong influence at that stage as well. Bayern Munich for a year? Please, thats practically a Career at that club. G. “The Boss” Steinbrenner had nothing on Bayern Munich when it comes to hiring and firing . I have faith that all this tinkering and tweaking and playing friendlies to drill 1 or 2 fundamental elements will stop soon and serious squad building begins for the WC.

  11. This is great. Red Bull Arena is the BEST place in the US to see a soccer game. Best stadium, best sight lines, best fans. (I dare anyone here to contradict that.) Ideal place to showcase the USMNT and US soccer in general. Will be a great night.

  12. It’s also about 38,000 empty seats at the Georgia Dome. But sure, let’s play in an empty arena.

    Personally, East Coaster and all…I believe the Pacific NW is loooooong overdue for a game.

  13. abc,

    33,000 watched Manchester City play an exhibition against Club America this summer in the Georgia Dome. That’s 8,000 more than can fit in Red Bull arena, according to Wikipedia.

    Bring in the US team against any central or south American country, and you could sell out easy. This is a very diverse city.

    In other words, try a new approach to justifying your northeast coast bias, your old approach is not valid

  14. This guy keeps making stupid posts. If you knew what you are talking about people would not be calling you a troll.

    It is obvious you are still in love with Bob Bradley.

  15. Take the Red Bulls ticket price and increase it by about 35% (50% if you sit in the first 10 rows). Whoops, forgot that the NYRB ticket staff is not in charge of USMNT pricing.

    (joke aside, pricing info is on US Soccer. And it’s more expensive than the Red Bulls games – midfield is $70.)

  16. He’s burning bridges with clubs? Is that supposed to be in reference with the Jozy issue? Thats a moot point to an extent, when international fixture dates come he has to be released. Who the hell the cares about not winning every friendly when he’s trying to implement an entirely new style of play? They’re friendlies for Gods sake. People like you who overreact over 3 games amaze me.

  17. Francois you’re the troll. Klinsmann deserves the criticism. No wins and more importantly one goal in three games. Any American coach would be crucified with those results. Bob Bradley won his first three games. Klinsi is an idiot. He’s burning bridges with the clubs of some of our best players and the Germans are laughing at us for hiring him. If he wanted this job for so many years he should have known the player pool better, but he obviously doesnt.

  18. lol.

    Change it for $3999.87. You don’t have that laying around?

    In all seriousness, I just changed my flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Houston, TX to avoid Newark and it was $50 per ticket. I was actually surprised since I changed routes.

    Obviously, it depends on the airline. I flew Continental.

  19. Get more people in your state to care about soccer.

    I was thinking of places like the Pacific northwest, where soccer is relatively huge yet they get no USMNT games.

  20. LSP is sick. I’d love to see it rotated more often.

    They should be rewarded/favored for their efforts in building a first class facility………….not to mention actual grass & a regular size pitch.

  21. Let’s overlook the travel/mileage by European based players.

    Memo to, in my opinion, our country’s best fan base (or at least most passionate) the Pacific Northwest:

    Seattle: implement a permanent natural surface. keyword: permanent.

    Portland: expand your pitch size. keyword: EXPAND.

    I think a growing majority of the country would love to see our national team play in that region. Especially since it’s overwhelmingly pro-USA and not semi-USA, pro-Mexico.

  22. T,

    I guess you should be worried:

    “From Dallas Football Eilte

    August 30, 2011 by DFE

    By Scott French

    …..DEALING WITH BRADLEY: U.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann was asked Monday during a roundtable discussion with L.A. soccer media whether it was uncomfortable coaching Michael Bradley, the son of Bob Bradley, Klinsmann’s predecessor, who was dismissed from the job last month……..”It was not complicated at all,” Klinsmann said. “I called him up and said, ‘Michael, first of all, I have the highest respect for Bob. He did a great job, and I will touch base with him down the road. … I definitely want to sit down with Bob and pick his brain and have a soccer talk.'”


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