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What MLS player should Klinsmann look to next?

George John (

With two more friendlies under his belt, U.S. national team manager Jurgen Klinsmann got a good look at some new faces, including a handful of MLS players.

Kyle Beckerman was the big winner in the recent auditions, showing poise and sharp passing skills. Robbie Rogers wasn't quite as successful in his audition, struggling to make an impact as a starter in two games.

With one, and potentially two more friendlies looming in October, it is only natural for people to start wondering who might be the next MLS players to get looks from Klinsmann. While the fact that MLS will be in its playoff stretch could lead Klinsmann to call in a heavily Euro-based squad for October, at some point he will call in some new MLS faces.

There is a lot of clamoring for players such as Brad Davis, Omar Gonzalez and George John to be called in by Klinsmann, and now it's your chance to vote on who you would like to see get the call from MLS.

Which MLS player who hasn't been called up by Jurgen Klinsmann yet would you like to see called up in Ocotober? Cast your vote after the jump:

(And before any of you ask, Freddy Adu was called in by Klinsmann for the Mexico match, so he's left off this list accordingly)

This list is made up of players who readers have stated deserve national team looks. If there's a player missing that we should have included, feel free to list them in the comments section.

Who did you vote for? Who on this list do you absolutely NOT want to see get a call-up?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. What do you think about this lineup!?!? Granted bradley gets into better form with his new club, and if holden can recover his form from last year! If klinsmann is commited to the 4-3-3, I think this could be our best lineup!!


  2. Alright maybe your right about brad, just never seen him with the USMNT so I don’t know what he could contribute, I do know that he’s like 30 so havin him in there at this point might be too late as well! Beckerman I know isn’t great, but for a 23 man squad I think he could contribute depth, he’s pretty old too though!

    I think we could put demps up top, donovan in the center 3 and try fabian johnson out on the right wing where he plays at his club in germany, but if the doesn;t workthe left back position is probably his!
    I also agree on the Bradley thing, hopefully he can get back in good form with his new club team!

  3. I was with you until you said Brad Davis, NO no no people. He brings nothing to the INTERNATIONAL game, it’s much faster and he won’t keep up, he isn’t even a true winger for Houston in MLS, who do you sit to play Davis? Shea? Yes sit our most consistent offensive player, Dempsey? Hell no heck he might be up top since none of our forwards have scored yet, Donovan, enough said I think we all know who’s the future set piece taker and captain of the nats.

    Not sure about Davies, I might want to see Bunbury again. Other than that it’s pretty solid, this is assuming of course that Bradley gets PT as well as Jones…

    Think we can leave Beckerman off since he’s gotten his chances already..

  4. Well for starters I don’t know that there is a Nate Labrocca, but if you’re reffering to Chivas USA’s Nick Labroca…. simple he doesn’t fill any of our most immediate needs. You know Left Back, Center Back, Forward who SCORES and right wingers with tons of speed, great work rate and ability to cross with precision and finish penetrating into the box type of runs.

    Landon, Dempsey, Torres, Edu, Bradley and even Holden hell as of late Beckerman are the reason he won’t get called. Now if Braun would score more often and be more consistent in his play, maybe there would be a case for that Chivas USA player?

  5. include Stu and CD9 in that, and we were missing key key pieces right down the spine of the team. still overcam 2 honest goal disallowed to win our WC group 🙂

  6. thanks for that report. I’d like to see Benny play where Torres played the last couple of games. I think he brings more going forward and defensively, and that’s not to rip Torres, who’s been playing well too

  7. This is the 23 man squad and the starting line-up I’d like to see in october!

    GK-Howard, Hamid

    CB-Boca, George John, Gonzalez, Goodson
    RB-Chandler, Dolo
    LB-Convey, Dunivant

    MD-Torres, Edu, Bradley, Beckerman, Donovan, Dempsey, Shea, Brad Davis, Fabian Johnson, Bedoya

    FWD-Altidore, Agudelo, Davies

    Starting Lineup:

  8. Saunders played for Puerto Rico in a Caribbean championship tournament so he’s cap tied to Puerto Rico who I have NO IDEA why they don’t use him, guy is being amazing for LA and as the understudy to Ricketts is lining up to be the starter for LA for YEARS to come…

    But I do think Omar and Dunivant need a look, not sure about AJ, as great as he is he’s more of a January camp kind of guy along with Franklin and Philly’s Williams

  9. Not sure how much better the Belgium league is, for one they have 2 less teams don’t they.

    Outside of Standard Liege, Anderlecth and Genk not sure how many teams are better than our top 4 MLS teams.

    Sacha is a sub or occasional starter at best, started getting some PT in Europa qualifiers last year in August, but then fell of radar, got equivalent to about a third of the season in terms of minutes. He just missed a PK in the 79th minute which would of won the game for Anderlecth and this to a 17 year old keeper. SMH

    He’s gotten better and I have to admit it as hater of Sacha, but the book is still the same on him, them minute he plays with a more tight and pressured environment he chokes and gives the ball away.

    The thing about him being Bob’s fave is not a fluke, and is irrelevant of Davis, but that doesn’t mean Bob didn’t dislike Davis, not sure that was the case I just think he didn’t rate him too high. I mean how was Davis not on that HORRIBLE 2009 Gold Cup team but Quaranta, Pause, Lowry etc etc were?

    Sacha got chances in qualifying vs Mexico in CLB where Torres should of started or played more against a team full of players he was schooling at the time in Mexico, he started in El Salvador and SUCKED and it wasn’t until Torres & Joze came in for Pearce and Sacha. At the Confederations Cup Sacha and Beasley were Bob’s faves and proved to cost us games vs Brazil AND Italy. Although Clark getting the red card helped vs Italy.

    I am of the side that doesn’t think Davis brings much, we have LD and Torres among others for Free kicks and Corners along with Adu. But Bob gave Sacha and Bornstein WAY too many chances, just like he NEVER subbed out his son, and gave him undisputed minutes when Edu was in better position and so was Torres during some qualifiers!

  10. Well Moffat starts now that Palmer is gone and Watson keeps proving to not work for what Kinnear wants him to do, granted I feel he is misusing Watson but still.

    Cameron to me does average at CM, Camargo should do better and Cameron improves the defense at CB.

    Cruz is the one they need on the right unless Watson somehow woke up and shored up the right wing, which I doubt will happen now that he put his dirty laundry with Kinnear out on the press.

    I still don’t know why Davis doesn’t just play central when he drifts there anyway and has never been a true left winger and most of his goals come from Corners and set pieces anyhow? Put Colin Clark on the left and Davis in front of Camargo with Cruz/Watson out right and you’re much better off.

  11. Cameron is real homie, his thing is he’s been missused this year. He got hurt while trying to transition to the center attacking mid role last year, which might have to do with his inability to adapt, but he had a whole off season and the last 3 and half months of last season to keep adjusting and getting used to the role. Plus a training stint in England with an EPL or Championship club I forget which one but either way stayed fit and in match fitness for MLS level by training there while they were dead smack in the middle of their season.

    I think he needs to go back to CB, and not just because his USMNT future lies there, Dynamo need better defense with as a bad an offense they have they can’t afford silly last minute goals.

    And look up his highlight early this year, I forget which team but man guy did a cross off the left wing with his right foot off the outside of his foot! World Class based on where he placed the ball for Bruin or Weaver I forget who?

    I’ll try to find it, but seriously with his size, strength AND Speed as well as defensive skills plus long shot and passing ability on the ground for thru balls, he could be great at CB!

  12. With you on that, would much rather see Chris Pontius who has been MLS 2 years less and spent lots of last year injured has done more. Better speed, more accurate on his shot and despite being more of a scoring guy who can play up top as oppose to a more traditional winger, he passes better.

  13. With or without a jet pack strapped to him? He reminds me of my junior-year college sweeper, who was a smooth machine so long as he didn’t have to move or chase anyone. I don’t think soccer smarts are enough alone with the athleticism of international ball these days.

    And it’s not just Parkhurst, same could be said of Boswell and a host of others. I’m not sure LA’s Gonzo or even Goodson are truly mobile enough.

  14. Yes and no, I think you still see from the first few games that the issue is finding players to fill out an 11 that can play the coach’s style. Though Klinsi is starting to figure out which Ms can play fast break combo ball, I’m concerned that Klinsi’s 1F lineups and Altidore’s lack of spark leave open the question of how you can turn this flowing attack into actual goals. How many times do you get the ball to Jozy and he either blows the chance or loses the ball?

    Also, LB remains an issue under either coach, new or old, and while Chandler is passable at it (and an improvement from Bornstein et al), I think he’s better than the eroding ‘Dolo at RB (and better left there) and not two-footed enough to be a top level LB yet.

  15. All due respect but that sounds like Kinnear Koolaid talking. Kinnear may feel that signing Camargo “frees up” Cameron to move back, but to do so he then has to start an even weaker CM than Cameron alongside Camargo: Moffat, Watson, etc. That hardly sounds kick-butt….Camargo and Moffat.

    Yes, in a numbers sense, Camargo is one more CM who gives you depth and some room to tinker, but he’s traditionally a DM, and it all leaves the AM situation still unresolved, which it’s been since DeRo and then Holden left Houston.

  16. The problem with Boswell is he leaks goals these days so you hand back as much or more as he scores. Go look at Houston’s recent results and it’s like tie NE, loss Vancouver, etc.

    There is an argument to be made that Taylor + Cameron is Houston’s best backfield. But with Boz and Hainault on the roster and Cameron having strong wing attributes, I think the best lineup actually uses Taylor and Hainault with Cameron as RM. And failing that I think starting Moffat creates a weak offense (he’ll score an occasional circus shot but he’ll weigh down the attack every minute of every game to do it), and you have to consider leaving Cameron as a CM with Camargo, even if Houston badly needs a better playmaker than either dude is.

    I just think it says a lot about DK that Taylor is a Jamaican starter who can’t find time ahead of the awful Ashe or the slow Boswell. Though Houston lacks a #10 and is not championship material I think they actually underperform relative to their roster because DK has one-note and no ability to adjust players and formations. No sooner did Dixon win that RSL game did DK return him to the bench.

  17. I’d like to see Chad Marshall get another shot w/ the USMNT, but then again, I’m a Crew homer 🙂

    I’d also like to see Hesmer get a chance at backing up Howard in net. Marshall at least got capped back in the ’06 WCQ campaign. Hesmer (AFAIK) has never even been called in.

  18. Has Klinsmann called in any players that Bradley or Arena had not capped earlier other than Hamid?

    Of the players on the list I think only Zusi, Williams, Sapong and John have not been previously capped (John was called up once by Bradley, but did not report due to injury. Most have been capped with U-17 or U-20s.

  19. honestly, i would call in the WHOLE galaxy back-line. INCLUDING Josh Saunders. who is playing better than hamid of late.

    GK- Saunders
    LB- Dunivant, CB-Omar G, CB Dela Garza, RB-Sean Frankin

    imagine how much more cohesive it would be considering how they are used to playing together.

  20. Playing on the US national team gives players exposure for a move abroad. I can’t recall many MLS based players getting transferred abroad without playing on the national team first.

  21. Unfortunately, “puny” is a word that definitely seems to apply to Castillo. Other words like “anorexic” also pop to mind when I see him. Seriously! Does he have some sort of condition we don’t know about or something? He’s a stick!

  22. Right…Anderlecht, a good team in a better league than MLS, plays Sacha regularly because he’s Bob’s pet, but Brad Davis (look, he IS a very good MLS player) a slow, one-footed winger hasn’t ever got a shot in europe or internationally because of the Evil Bob Bradley. People need to give this a rest already. And who, pray tell, is the 4-years-older-than-Sacha Davis supposed to displace on the field: Donovan? Dempsey? Shea? He may deliver the best dead ball in the NT pool, but this ain’t college soccer, he can’t just be subbed in and out for corner kicks.

  23. Adu – he needs to work with the kid. He has talent
    Benny – better than Beckerman

    dark horse:

    Kevin Alston – ton of speed and young. Was called twice by BB but got hurt each time. Hes a project but worth taking a look at

  24. “CB should be a huge concern for us.” Disagree. It’s true we’re in the midst of a transition. Goodson probably won’t last beyond this cycle (he’s either 28 or 29). Ditto with Bocanegra. But we have lots of potentially good CB’s (Borchers, John, Gonzalez, Marshall, down the road maybe Kitchen, maybe Ream).

    Right now, who’s a striker that isn’t there out of “potential”? Answer is: no-one. If we based it on production, we’d play no-one at forward. We have guys who’ve shown they have the tools to be a good international CB. So when I say “not a big concern” I mean that right now we’ve got 2 spots we need at least one player we can count on: left back, and striker. All other spot, we could use more talent or it would be better if younger guys emerged (including CB). But the terms of the poll are “what ONE player” and for me, the priority is goal scorer. Take some players, even if they’re not ready (like Davies or Dunbury) and get them into the process so if there are elements they need to work on to better fit Klinsmann’s scheme, they have advance notice. But I don’t expect us to have a great, international-class forward by the WC. What I hope for is maybe a Kose can emerge (a guy who’s good at the domestic level who fits the NT scheme well so he produces…even though everyone else holds up their nose and never lists him as one of the world’s top 50 strikers).

  25. I think Parkhurst should be on there. If he’s looking for a cultured, smart defender that can play multiple positions across the back line, he’s definitely one to look at

  26. The reason Brad Davis hasn’t had much time with the Nats is because Bob Bradley never liked him. Bradley traded Davis for Mike McGee when he coached the Metrostars. Davis has since been a consistent All-Star and is always a top assist leader for the league. Outside of Beckham he is also the best as crosser in MLS. If he were called for the Nats he would be the best option for corner kicks and indirect free kicks.

    Bradley drafted Klejtan and Bornstein as coach of Chivas USA. Both got favorable treatment with the Nats which resulted in moves abroad. Too bad for Davis that he wasn’t a Bradley favorite.

  27. Shane, merely because Rogers tapped in a goal set up for him by Shea’s brilliance, and because he threw in a hopeful cross against Costa Rica once upon a time does not cover for the fact that he not only is not good enough to play for the national team, he’s a pretty average MLS player. He’s talented, yes. But if he were a baseball player he’d be a 5-tool guy who keeps hitting .240 and driving his managers crazy. Rogers has no business on any future national team roster. Torres is far superior.

  28. I agree about Davis. He’s pretty good, and maybe should see one friendly just to see if there is that spark/chemistry, but I’m not expecting it. Same goes for Cameron. We have those spots filled.

    As for Convey, I don’t see it. I think he could have been useful say the last few years, but with the whole Bradley and Convey thing, he never got the shot he probably deserved. Maybe he still has a shot, I don’t know, but my assumption is that he’s more of a last resort now.


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