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Buddle scores twice in Ingolstadt loss


photo by Brad Smith/

Add Edson Buddle to the list of American forwards abroad off to a strong start this season.

Buddle scored his fourth and fifth goals of the season on Saturday, giving FC Ingolstadt 04 an early 2-0 in its match against VfL Bochum. Buddle first scored off a one-timed effort from about 12 yards out to open the scoring. He followed that up by getting on the end of a long pass and chipping the ball over Bochum's goalkeeper and into the back of the net with his left foot.

Unfortunately for Buddle and Ingolstadt, Bochum responded and won the game 5-3. Buddle delivered the assist on Ingolstadt's third goal.

Here are the goals:



What do you think of the goals? Impressed? Is Buddle deserving of another call-up under Klinsmann?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. “Jozy OutTheDoor”…


  2. “I agree with you completely on the whole one good week warrants USMNT call up idea (I’m still not 100% sure on Gooch coming back, but I’m willing to give him the start to see if he’s got his form back. But, I’m not sold on Beasley, Findley, and others that “warrant” call ups because they score a couple of goals). ”

    Chris’ theory does not fit the facts. And these guys aren’t being called up just because they scored a couple of goals.

    Jozy has 41 caps, 12 goals and a body of work, including a solid World Cup for the US dating back to 2007. There are few US forwards playing right now who can match his current form and his resume.His unpopularity with internet bloggers does not count.

    His recent goal scoring is a bonus and certainly matters but it’s not the only reason he was called up.

    Gooch and DMB also have a long histories and solid resumes of achievement with the US and their recent good form at pretty high levels tells you that Gooch may finally be healthy and DMB may be back in shape.

    As for Findley his run of bad form came at a bad time for the US but it can reasonably be viewed as a speed bump in his career. If he continues to improve at the rate he seems to be doing right now I see no reason why he should not be called up.

    “Anyway, he’s on point (or was) with Donovan after playing with him so regularly, so that also has to count for something.”

    You can say that about Mike Magee and Alan Gordon. Do you want to cap them?

  3. Frankly, I thought he looked like he was dogging it on the first goal by not aggressively pushing forward when the defenders retreated. He got lucky when the ball bounced to him. The finish was nice, but at the professional level, expected.

    The second goal was, however, pure class.

    I think he deserves a shot at the starting or 1st off the bench forward role. None of our current options really seems to be clearly better than the others. Josie has the most obvious talent, but hasn’t been able to put it together yet.

  4. 5 goals so far in 11 matches I believe. Not bad on a low ranked side like Inglostadt. If he keeps playing like this, he’s capable of scoring 12-15 goals. Which a few Bundesliga clubs wouldn’t mind adding him as “depth”. i THINK he deserves another call up for sure. He could play a vital role in qualifying. No chance at being on roster for 2014 though.

  5. Quick, let’s trade him now that he’s scoring!…. wait, this isn’t June or Baseball. 🙁

    On a serious note, I’m glad he is doing well.

  6. To be fair, if he misses the first one, he probably doesn’t play the rest of the season,lol.

    As for the second one…very nice.

    Keep it Buddle, LA Still Loves Ya.

  7. I agree with you completely on the whole one good week warrants USMNT call up idea (I’m still not 100% sure on Gooch coming back, but I’m willing to give him the start to see if he’s got his form back. But, I’m not sold on Beasley, Findley, and others that “warrant” call ups because they score a couple of goals). However, Buddle has been consistent. The problem is, every time he plays, he’s a lone striker, and that fails cuz our midfield gets too congested and never gets the ball forward. Happens to Altidore all the time, but I give Buddle a little more credit for his hustle. Anyway, he’s on point (or was) with Donovan after playing with him so regularly, so that also has to count for something. I think Altidore actually does have some skill, and it should only get that much better since the Dutch league is very good a producing great players. Anyway, just my opinion on the situation.

  8. Buddle has got to get out of Ingolstadt and with a better team. It seems that he is finally getting the feel for (2nd) Bundesliga soccer. With 5 goals on the season, he is now among the top dozen goal scorers in the Second Bundesliga, with three players tied for the lead with 7 goals.

    If Buddle can start scoring regularly and become one of the top five or so goal scorers in the league, which is followed closely by First Bundesliga teams looking for players to poach, I think Buddle would have a good chance of being bought during the January transfer window by a First Bundesliga team in need of more firepower–maybe a cellar dweller fighting to avoid relegation or a mid-level team needing just a bit more umpf to rise a few notches to reach Europa League competition. Buddle should be totally focused on that, practicing all the time, demanding the ball from his teammates during games and playing each game like it’s a World Cup final. I would love to see the guy move up to the top Bundesliga.

  9. As it relates to Buddle’s time at the World Cup, he didn’t get on because Jozy was playing well.

    The one game where he did get on, Algeria, he had an open header on goal and missed it rather weakly I thought. And otherwise seemed out of place. Had he scored on that header I bet he plays against Ghana.

  10. Unless the game result doesn’t mean anything and the in form player in question is already a known quantity and the manager wants to see how other options work out.

    This first batch of games have the feel of 90 minute practice sessions to me.

  11. I don’t really see him being “invisible” for the USA. The Brazil game possibly, but that was 45 minutes, and even then, he made a chance for Landon Donovan. In the Mexico game, he barely got service, and when he did, he didn’t get support, except maybe for Landon Donovan high on the right. Once the USA pressed Mexico on defense, and got more numbers forward on offense, they won the ball higher up the field, and were able to work some better combinations. I’m not going to say he’s been amazing, but he’s been good enough, in my opinion, to make me wonder why he wasn’t at least given another chance to fight for his spot. Then again, I suppose it is a new manager, but even Bob Bradley decided not to include him in the Gold Cup roster.

  12. Isaac, as usual you are being to rationale. This kind of thinking does not belong on blogs like this. one is suppose to be whiny, negative and reactionary…forming opinions on a whim and sticking to them to the end.

  13. Buddle has seen a fare amount of playing time with the national team and was rather invisible.. I’m all for giving him another shot but don’t act like he has been overlooked.

  14. I understand what you’re saying, but Buddle played pretty well for the USA for a while there, delivering the combination of good hold-up play and goal-scoring that had been missing for so long from the USA’s target strikers. I honestly never understood why he all of a sudden dropped off of Bob Bradley’s radar or given at start at the World Cup next to Altidore ( or even Findley, for that matter).

    Good in front of goal, strength to hold the ball up, good touch, good dribbler, and good passing/decision-making – he’s what you want in a target striker.

    That’s just my opinion, of course. Feel free to disagree 🙂

  15. You’re right about needing no reason. Michelle Bachmann says equally stupid things on a daily basis with equally lacking basis. Congrats…

  16. This is a fundamental issue in American soccer…

    Players get called up to the US squad after having a good week or two for their club teams. Ex: Jozy OutTheDoor.

    Keep an eye on Buddle, but please don’t assume those 2 goals make him worthy of the national team!


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