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Corona ready to pass on Mexico to play for USA

JoeCorona1 (Getty)

Remember when you read that Joe Corona was all set to play for Mexico and pass on the chance to play for his actual country of birth, the United States?

Well, scratch that one. It seems the LA-born Corona is ready to follow in the footsteps of Jose Torres and Edgar Castillo and bypass Mexico to play for the United States.

Sources have told me that Corona plans on playing for the United States, and is merely awaiting a call-up to end the speculation about his national team allegiance.

So what happened to Corona and Mexico? Word I'm getting is that Mexico didn't exactly court Corona beyond a Under-22 call-up in August, and with the wealth of riches Mexico boasts, both on the wings and in attacking midfield roles, you can see why 'El Tri' might not putting the hard push on Corona.

This development is great news for the United States, which gets another quality young attacking midfielder, and another Olympic Team prospect. That is, as soon as Jurgen Klinsmann calls Corona in. He'll have two chances in November to do just that. Klinsmann might want to hurry because while Corona is said to be ready to play for the United States now, you know how quickly players can change their minds.

What do you think of this development? Excited to see what Corona's game is all about?

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  1. It’s now been proven that we Do need more wingers to cope with Dempsey’s move inside. Corona is solid on the wing and a potent goal scorer. Nuff said.

  2. Both Bradley and Jones started the friendly against Mexico. Jones hasn’t been called up since because his club situation and playing situation is muddled, but he has been playing a bit recently. Maybe he can impress his way out of the doghouse. Bradley missed the Sept. friendlies because he was getting situated in Italy.

    Holden is another situation. He may never be the player he was before he got injured. Being out a year with 2 major knee operations isn’t a good thing. Just ask Gooch.

  3. Klinnsmann hasn’t called up Jones. Bradley hasn’t started under Klinnsmann. Holden will be out six months. Who knows when he’ll be back to form.

  4. Would love to see both Corona and Ponce come over. Ponce from Sacramento could be an immediate starter at LB, so Chandler could return to RB. Is Ponce eligible/willing for a one time change?

  5. In fairness to Holden, he was a stud in the meaningless Gold Cup of 2009. Outside of that run, he hasn’t had much chance to show how he can help the Nats. I also don’t think it is fair to call him injury-prone after getting injured in 2 freak tackles.


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