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Corona ready to pass on Mexico to play for USA

JoeCorona1 (Getty)

Remember when you read that Joe Corona was all set to play for Mexico and pass on the chance to play for his actual country of birth, the United States?

Well, scratch that one. It seems the LA-born Corona is ready to follow in the footsteps of Jose Torres and Edgar Castillo and bypass Mexico to play for the United States.

Sources have told me that Corona plans on playing for the United States, and is merely awaiting a call-up to end the speculation about his national team allegiance.

So what happened to Corona and Mexico? Word I'm getting is that Mexico didn't exactly court Corona beyond a Under-22 call-up in August, and with the wealth of riches Mexico boasts, both on the wings and in attacking midfield roles, you can see why 'El Tri' might not putting the hard push on Corona.

This development is great news for the United States, which gets another quality young attacking midfielder, and another Olympic Team prospect. That is, as soon as Jurgen Klinsmann calls Corona in. He'll have two chances in November to do just that. Klinsmann might want to hurry because while Corona is said to be ready to play for the United States now, you know how quickly players can change their minds.

What do you think of this development? Excited to see what Corona's game is all about?

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  1. I don’t think the analogy is that far off (Man City essentially pays through the nose to attract players who openly talk about how they would never otherwise pay for the club).

    Put it this way, how would you feel if the entire US roster was composed of dual nationals *who got rejected by their first choice after taking part in their youth set-ups? Their talent might exceed that of our home grown players and/or dual nationals who actually selected us as their first choice. But would it be as fun to watch them knowing that they really have nothing invested in the U.S./national team other than the ability to play in the world cup?

    My answer is no. For me, watching the national team is like watching the Olympics. There is a reason swimmers, weight-lifters, etc. train year round without compensation, and then cry like babies when they hear their national anthem being played. I do not get the same feeling watching the Lakers, even though I’ve followed them my whole life.

  2. ever hear of a guy named juan agudelo who got called up at 17 years old and only had 2 games at a starter for New York Red bulls…

    Id like to see anybody over altidore

  3. And what point will the U.S. and its supporters feel the sheer embarassement of depending on hyphonated ringers to keep their spirits and hope up? Can the U.S. not develop its own players? Pathetic.

  4. Who would be start in place of?


    Shea Dempsey Donovan

    Bradley Edu/Holden/Jones

    He only started when Dempsey wasn’t called up.

  5. My post was to the thread above. Adu is not a holding, box to box central mid was my point. He is a back up at best to the Dempsey, Donovan or Shea and probably down the pecking order to Torres.

  6. Torres is too old, 23 right now. I would not pick him to be one of the 3 over age players either. The over age players should be reserved for leaders.

  7. Chandler went to a German youth camp (I wanna say U15) but never actually played in any matches.

    I do agree with what you are saying tho.

  8. As Mexico is an invited guest to the Copa América, appearing for El Tri in the South American tournament wouldn’t automatically cap-tie Ponce to Mexico as the matches officially would be deemed friendlies. But it would certainly put him on the road to future call-ups.

    FACE Nigga!

    He’d be a fool not to play for the US – He would be an automatic starter and will miss 2014 World Cup with mexico

  9. Nothing wrong with having Adu be a potential starter. Bradley had him start the final of the Gold Cup. However the current coaching staff is unimpressed with his effort and defense so I doubt he’ll be in contention anytime soon.

  10. Here are a couple examples to hopefully make it more clear:

    – Joe Benny Corona was born in the US to a Mexican father and a Salvadorian mother. He received a call up to train with Mexico’s U-22 team that will play in the Pan-American Games in October. Corona still remains eligible for the the US, Mexico, and El Salvador and does not have to file any kind of switch.

    – Teal Bunbury played in the 2009 U-20 CONCACAF Championsips for Canada (an official youth cap) but did not have to file a one-time switch to play for the US in friendlies against South Africa in November 2010, and against Chile in January 2011 because was under the age of 21 at the time. Teal did end up filing his one-time switch because he had hoped to be called up by Bob for the Gold Cup, and he would have been ineligible without the switch. I also do believe that since Teal turned 21 in February 2011 he would have been ineligible to play in the US, even in friendlies, without his one time switch.

    – Fabian Johnson could not play in the friendlies against Costa Rica and Belgium because he had not filed his one-time switch yet. Fabian had to file a one-time switch because he played for the Germans in the U21 European Championship (official caps) and at the time of the Costa Rica and Belgium friendlies he was over the age of 21. Fabian has filed his one-time switch and it has been approved and is now only eligible to represent the US.

    – Fabian Hürzeler (born in the US) plays for Bayern Munich’s U23s and played for Germany’s U-17 national team in official European qualifying games. He did not have to file his one-time switch for the January US U20 camp or to play in any of the US U20 friendlies, but to play in an official match for the US U20s (or the senior team) he must file his one-time switch. If Fabian does not file his one-time switch, prior to his 21st BDay (he’s only 18 right now, but I’m just trying to explain a point), he will be unable to play for the US (at any level, youth or senior) in any match (even for friendlies) unless he files his one-time switch

  11. What exactly is the next Holden? Has he done something in a USMNT jersey that I missed? Because my memory seems to indicate he has done a whole lot of nothing for the U.S.

  12. Poncho, I think you are reading my post out of context (or at least pointing out a symantic issue which takes away from the larger discussion).

    To the extent I refer to someone as “half-American,” “one-third American,” or any other percentage, I’m simply commenting on their heritage and/or *why they might be motivated to play for our country. The new influx of German-American players, for example, all (or at least some) seem to have an American father and German mother.

    Certainly if you are an American citizen (“ALL American” as you put it), you have the ability to play for the US. Again, however, just because you qualify to play for the US does not mean that you wouldn’t prefer to play for some other team if given the chance. I want to root for players who want to rep the US – regardless of their background – because they actually want to, not because they can’t hack it somewhere else.

    As for Dos Santos, I wouldn’t be stoked to have him either if he felt like he was “settling” for my team.

  13. Oh my god. Some of you people want to call up anyone you can read about. Bijev is barely above a quality youth club player. You want a kid who has never played above the U18 national level to be called into the full USMNT? On what basis? Seriously.

  14. It’s very old, but I’d start search with Rongen/ selections/ Subotic/ year. In the statements, Rongen disparages Subotic’s loyalty, talent, and the German 2nd division where he went to play. Most analysts believe he and Sunil were p*ssed he left their umbrella.

  15. Let me break it down for ya:

    Once someone files for a one-time switch (like Edgar Castillo, Jermaine Jones, Fabian Johnson and Teal Bunbury had to do) they are no longer eligible to play for any other country besides the one they decided to switch to. Usually being “cap-tied” means you have played in an official match (World Cup, World Cup Qualifier, Euro Championship, Euro Qualifier, Gold Cup, etc.), but since the one-time switch prohibits you from playing for anyone else they are essentially “cap-tied” without even being “capped”.

    Also, to be eligible for a one-time switch you need to have been eligible for country B at the time you started playing for country A. This is why someone like Mikel Arteta can never play for England. Even though he is a British citizen now, he can’t play for England because he played for Spain’s U16s through their U21s and at the time of his 1st cap with the Spain U16s he was not eligible to play for England.

    The whole one-time switch thing isn’t something new. Prior to the summer of 2009, FIFA allowed players to make a one-time switch (provided they were eligible for that country to begin with) as long as they were under the age of 21.

    As an example, Neven Subotic represented the US and the U17 and U20 level. Then he filed a one-time switch to play for Serbia in 2008 at the age of 20.

    What changed in the summer of 2009, was that FIFA now allowed players to file their one-time switch after they turned 21.

    Basically the way it works now is this:

    A) If a player has an OFFICIAL YOUTH level cap for country A, and IS NOW 21 OR OLDER he must file for a one-time switch to represent country B in ANY KIND OF MATCH (that means friendlies too).

    B) If a player has an OFFICIAL YOUTH level cap for country A, but is STILL UNDER THE AGE OF 21, he can play ONLY IN FRIENDLIES for country B without filing his one-time switch paperwork. However the player must file his one-time switch paper to be eligible to appear in an official match for country B.

    C) If a player has only appeared in friendlies (at the youth or senior level) for Country A they can (regardless of their age) play for Country B in friendlies and official matches without filing a one-time switch. I also believe that as long as they don’t play in an official senior level match for Country B, they can continue to play for country A as well.

  16. If your gonna do a WHAT-IF Roster (players that chose US instead)


    Chandler —- John —-Subotic —Ponce
    ———-D Williams ———-
    Donovan —- Holden —- F Johnson
    ——- Rossi —- Dempsey ——

    GAME OVER !!!!

  17. Yes. It’s too much to give up.
    If Adu plays he has one spot and that is Dempsey’s in your lineup.
    Not that Adu won’t play, but it won’t happen in the lineup you have.

  18. DC Jim,
    I’m with Goalscorer….I dont’ think Klinsy is going to look at too many more players. Coronas a maybe on the full Nats…
    I’m basing that on what Klinsman says in these interviews he gives…which by the way I love the openness…but not what he states. For example he states that ‘the only reason we didn’t bring in Edgar Castillo is he was injured”
    I think Klinsman has settled on his 25-27 or so…

  19. I need to familiarize with a lot of the younger players

    By next year we will probably see Villiyan Bijev and Terrence Boyd at the forward position.

    I would like to see them called up to the national team for next months friendlies

  20. If you watched the Belgium game, we were overmatched and out numbered on defense in the first half when we only had one defensive mid. Klinsmann added a second in the second half which helped immensely.

    Adu is purely offensive with little defensive edge. He is better suited for the role that Dempsey is currently in as a withdrawn forward/attacking mid. And until Dempsey starts to slow with age, I don’t see Adu moving ahead in the pecking order anytime soon. I also think Torres is relegated to being a sub once we are back to full strenth.

  21. Paul,
    You actually more or less have it.
    If you appear in an “A” match you are locked in. We could never get Rossi back for example. (An “A” match is a WC qualifier or Regional Championship qualifier, one might argue that the Copa America which the US has played in a couple of times would cap tie someone, but I bet that could be challenged if it ever came to that)

    If however you only appeared in Friendly’s or at an official youth match you can apply for a “one time” switch. Once you apply and FIFA rules you able to switch, then you are ‘gone forever’. For example, Edgar Castillo played for Mexico Olympic team last time, filed a one-time switch to US and is now bound to the US regardless of whether he plays in a “A” game or not.

  22. Ill take it too

    Mexico has too many of the same type of players at the right wing position and the US could use a player in that position.

    Only if we can get Miguel Ponce at LB and we would be set. Unfortunately he is playing on the U-22 at the Pan-American games!

    Still wont be cap-tied I dont think but it will be harder to get ponce!

  23. Dude,
    Go back in time 15 years ago during Coronas formative years….was the USMNT even in existence? By that I mean on television, competing, etc.?
    Today, No one “dreams” of playing for the Timbers …they dream of playing for Man U or Real Madrid (Sorry Timber fans just making a point)…but in a generation you’ll have young kids dreaming of someday being a Timber or Galaxy or (heaven forbid) a Real Salt Lake

  24. You can’t compare Club football to International football…different animals…at least not US citizenship.

    If you want to ‘buy’ nationalities…take a look at the number of Argentines/Brazilians on the European rosters.

  25. dos Santos has dual citizenship between Brazil(Father) and Mexico(Mother).

    do you think he got a sniff from the Brazilians? probably not.
    so, Mexico by default is his 2nd choice.

  26. George, dual nationals are not “half-American” they’re ALL American…and sometimes All (insert name of other countries). It depends on the laws of the country.
    This isn’t a percentage thing. To become an American citizen is more difficult that becoming a citizen of other countries (though some countries have even more difficult laws to achieve citizenship).
    Based on cultural upbringing, Joe is more American than Mexican and if you pressed him he would tell you that…and speaking for those that know ‘bi-nationality’..he may have a soft spot for Mexico even waiver from time to time..but would defend the US shirt if the choice was his alone.

  27. Obviously those are our 3 best players. But, I think our attacking options are fine with the U23’s. Defense is going to be an issue. I could see Howard, but we have some great young talented keepers.

    I could also see how Dolo and/or Boca would deserve the “Olympic accolades” more since they won’t see another World Cup. They would be great captain options as well.

  28. Short-sighted ignorance. and a piss poor analogy.

    Every US team since 1980 has been talent-elevated by the infusion of Dual-Citizenship Americans.

    Tab Ramos
    Ernie Stewart
    Thomas Dooley
    Stuart Holden, etc etc etc.

    Home-grown my arse.

  29. I agree on 2 of your over-age players, Id like to see either John or Gonzo (or even both) and Fabian…I don’t know if bradley would be allowed to go, he seems to be fitting in nicely in Italy and may become an important piece…I definitely agree on the extra defenders though

  30. How about 3 overage players being Dempsey, Donovan & Howard?
    Bradley would work too, but CM is not a point of need and those 3 deserve the Olympic accolades as much as McBride did last round (and WAY MORE than Guzan and Parkhurst!)

  31. dos Santos has dual citizenship between Brazil(Father) and Mexico(Brazil).

    do you think he got a sniff from the Brazilians? probably not.
    so, Mexico by default is his 2nd choice.

  32. but the Under 20 of this year lost cause they came to the game thinking they already had won. They became to cocky and they look at Guatemala as inferior. That is why USA have to play every game with the intense of wanting to win no matter who is their opponents.

  33. I don’t think Aaron in Stl was saying that some of our players that have limited English skills like Timmy Chandler or Jermaine Jones (I get the impression Danny Williams is near fluent, not sure about Fabian Johnson) are not American. He is just saying that from a communication standpoint it would be nice if all our players could English. I agree with that to some extent, but Chandler and Jones certainly have enough knowledge of the English language to communicate effectively on the field (and a lot of our American-born players speak German). It’s not like they are discussing 18th century British literature.

    However, I don’t think there is anything wrong with expecting people to learn the language of the country they are living in (at least enough so that they can effectively communicate). That goes for everybody. Soccer players or just immigrants in general. It always boggles my mind that someone like Carlos Tevez who has played in England for 5 years still has crappy English skills and almost always gives interviews in Spanish or through an interpreter. I don’t know whether it’s just lack of effort or lack of care on his part (he’s also probably not the sharpest tool in the shed). For the most part (except for DMB) I think our guys do a great job of learning the language of the country they go to.

  34. Would it ever be possible to have adu instead of bradley or holden? Is that giving to much up in the midfield. I just want to see a creative attacker in the midfield to link up with shea, dempsey etc… As opposed to two box to box midfielders with limited creativity. By the way I like Bradley and love Stu.


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