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Must-See Goal: Eren Derdiyok

This is from Saturday, but it's also a leading candidate for European goal of the season. Watch as Bayer Leverkusen's Eren Derdiyok settles a long pass, volleys to himself while turning and connects for a bicycle kick against Wolfsburg.




  1. I just think the touch over the defender and the skill to pull of a bike there is amazing. As a whole, I think it’s better.

  2. I would agree that Rooneys was a lot more difficult because of the timing…

    But this goal was created from the first touch to the last, which is what a goal highlight should be, ie messi dribbling past 4 people

  3. That was pretty amazing, but even more amazing that he thought to even try it. How does that process go through your head that quickly? Damn…

  4. I dunno, Rooney had to hit it off a cross coming making it a lot more difficult to time…nonetheless both goals were incredible and great to watch

  5. I was just thinking the same thing. I’m pretty sure that was Simon Rolfes. Sucks for him because that was a thing of beauty.

    The skill, the creativity. Awesome.

    Bergkamp would have been proud!

  6. That teammate — the one who is pulling off his training jersey and turned away when the goal was scored — has my luck. They always score the good ones when I look away for a second.


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