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Report: Everton, Wigan eyeing John

GeorgeJohn (Getty)

George John had to hold off on his dreams of a move to Europe this summer when a proposed transfer to Blackburn fell through in the final stages. Those events may ultimately lead John to wind up at a better club this winter, if reports are to be believed.

According to the UK Daily Mail, Everton and Wigan are both on the trail of the FC Dallas defender and are expected to make January bids for the big centerback. While the report doesn't exactly offer much in the way of detail, it shouldn't come as a surprise that smaller-spending English clubs would be interested in an inexpensive centerback option who also happens to hold a European passport.

A winter move away from MLS is all but inevitable now for John, who will be moving into the final year of his current MLS contract once the 2011 season ends. With that being the case, MLS will be more open to approving a transfer and FC Dallas is actually then put in a position where the league, and not the club, has final approval on a potential transfer.

What do you think of this development? Like the idea of George John heading to Everton? Still wondering when he'll get that first national team call-up?

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  1. They certainly develop well, as does NY. At least Houston and Dallas have something to show for the players they have sold.

  2. he was class when he came to Dallas…it was Washington that produced him!

    TX has Omar, Shea, etc need to steal credit for John lol

  3. Ross Barkley? Only if they get Rooney’s money for him. He’s the best young player at the club (U-21). I’m guessing they’re looking at John because they might sell Jag or getting a replacement for Distin.

  4. there is a reason why Spain and Germany have so much cohesion—the majority of those players play together on the club level (Barca and Bayern). I’m not saying that will make the USA a top 3 team, but it will improve cohesion… maybe they should all go to Rangers of Fulham or Evertyon….


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