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Studio 90: USMNT arrives in New Jersey



  1. Damn, how close was that car to hitting Michael Kamamamaraman near the end of the video?! US Soccer must have a pipeline to zombieville for all their video blog guys.

  2. Happy to see Redbull Arena utilized.

    I’ve been pleading for USSF to reward our domestic ownership groups that are building beautiful SSS’s for our league, country and fans.

    I understand you can’t ignore the financial implications when playing an Argentina at Giants Stadium but as Agudelo said, “there’s more of a professional feel, to this stadium” implying it’s for soccer, not the NFL.

    After watching a match at Sun Life “JoeRobbie-Pro-PlayerPark-ProPlayerStadium-DolphinsStadium-LandSharkStadium” Stadium, I’d like to see us move away from playing in bloated stadiums that don’t reward the fan and aren’t built for this particular game.

    LiveStrong Park is another stadium I’d love to see rewarded with more USNT matches. The players absolutely loved it, by all media reports, and I think it’s a great reflection on the direction our game is going in this country – as is Redbull Arena.



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