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USA to meet France in November friendly


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The next match of the Jurgen Klinsmann era will be taking place in Paris.

U.S. Soccer announced that the national team's next match will be against France on Nov. 11. A second friendly in Europe against a to-be-announced opponent will be played on Nov. 15. Both dates fall during the next FIFA international fixture window.

"France is traditionally one of the best teams in the world," Klinsmann said in a release. "When you look at their history, the players that have come through their team and what they have accomplished, you have to be impressed. This is an awesome opportunity for our players to play in a stadium that has hosted a World Cup Final, and a great experience for their careers."

That match will take place during the week in between the MLS Cup semifinal and championship, meaning that the MLS-based players who make the roster will be contingent on whose team is still alive in the playoffs.

The United States and France have met twice, with both times coming in 1979. The match will be the second of the Klinsmann era to be held on European soil. The United States fell to Belgium, 1-0, last month in Brussels. 

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  1. Or

    Dos Equis-Negra Modelo-Victoria-Bohemia-
    Pacifico-Carta Blanca-Modelo-Sol

    If I were Juergen, I would uncap a Corona.

  2. Orozco did not fail! Face it, he is our second string CB along with Goodson. Until John or Omar prove themselves, Orozco did well enough.

  3. I agree with not calling up Beckerman and Ream, but I would like to see Agudelo, and since Red Bulls are unlikely to do much in the playoffs, Agudelo should be available.

    Dolo and Boca are certainly getting older, but I wouldn’t throw out downslope just yet. Their experience, positioning, and leadership are more useful than the one or two steps they’ve lost in speed.

    I’m looking to forward to seeing those you have stated above, but I’m back to being iffy on Beasley. He looked good one game, then not so good the next. Hard to know what he can really add based on the last two friendlies.

    I don’t think Shea needs to prove himself anymore. He has proven himself, he just needs to keep getting better (right foot ability and heading mainly). Williams does still need to prove himself, but he was played out of position, so it’s hard to take his play at face value, if anything, give him more credit for playing somewhere he normally doesn’t. If we put him at the CDM position (his normal position), then we can truly make an assessment. I see good things though.

    Donovan probably will be in the midst of MLS playoffs so he won’t be around most likely. Jones could get back into contention as he was finally starting to play a bit at Schalke 04. Cameron could be interesting.

    I’m looking forward to possibly seeing Gonzalez, John, Adu, Bedoya, Klestjan, Fabian Johnson, Loyd and others just to see how they fit in this system.

    Not sure how many we can/will carry on the roster, but here 23.





    If Shea, Donovan, Loyd and Gonzalez are not available, then add Beasley, Cameron, John, and someone like Jones or Pontius. Granted, you never know how MLS playoffs will go, but this is just what I would expect.

  4. No snide remarks or extreme politicians, just people pointing out that our veterans saved the Frogs’ bacon in most major conflicts of the last century, and did our best to clean up their indochina mess, along with trying to fix some of their many disasters of former colonies in North Africa while they pretend to take the high road by refusing to acknowledge any of this and preach peace.

    All kidding aside, I hope there is no political talk around this game. It’s a GAME.

  5. Why not Beckerman or Agudelo? They have shown pretty well. Also, Shea has done well enough that he no longer has to prove himself. At worst he is number 2 at LM/LW for us so there’s no reason not to play him and continue to let him mature against good competition.

  6. I hope to see the full German contingent (Fabian Johnson, Danny Williams, Timmy Chandler, and Jermain Jones) paired with the core team (Howard, Boca, Gooch, Dolo, Dempsey, Edu, Bradley, and Jozy). Add in some others european players (Bedoya, Spector) and Mexican Players (Beasley & Corona). Add to that a sprinkle of MLS players whoever’s season has ended (Hamid/Johnson, Gonzo, Donovan, Shea, John, Bunbury, Agudelo, & Adu). Maybe a couple of the young european players could be added as well (Gatt, Mix, Brooks, Morales, Boyd, and/or Gyau) for the experience of the camp and to show we’re interested in them for the future.

  7. Well I hope he keeps looking at people since the ones he’s been using arent making it. This may be the time to bring back some creative people like Freddy and Benny

  8. dang it, at this point we should have scheduled a match against the other French national team Guadaloupe and boost our morale.

    do not call-up: beckerman, ream, agudelo

    on the downslope: cherundulo, bocanegra

    looking forward to seeing: deuce, gooch, altidore, chandler, beasley

    still needs to prove themselves: shea, d.williams

    hoping to see (not in last call up): jermaine, landon, cameron,

  9. Hase anyone ever noticed Altadore never puts his hand on his heart during the national anthem? Look at the picture. This is in every match. I am not saying he is wrong. I just wonder why.

  10. Corona is a good option and I rather have him instead of playing against him, and it´s a moral blow for Mexico believe me.


  11. I like scheduling tough opponents – and having friendlies in Europe to ensure we experience tough away fixtures and so our euro-based guys aren’t flying all over the place.

  12. France Sh…ts out better players than we could ever imagine producing at this stage. We’re struggling with who can play in certain positions, they’re 3-4 deep minimum in every position. I know this French alot better than our US team and I’m afraid for our team. JK better have this team ready.

  13. Huh? French is not a nationality? What were all of those brownish-reddish passports I saw in the hands of people on line with me at Charles De Gaulle waiting to board for New York that read Union européenne Republique Française?

    Doesn’t that mean their nationality is French, just like my passport means I am a citizen of the United States?

  14. Ghana would be great, but I’d actually like to see the US play Cote d’Ivoire or Nigeria. In fact, the US could simply stay in France and play Cote d’Ivoire – would be a good game.

  15. Tend to agree and wish BB had cap-tied Mixx in the Gold Cup. Skeptics will now say he’s nothing special, but he’s young, playing quality minutes, and most importantly is not tied down. Bummer. Seems like it would’ve been worth the risk.

  16. No Edu IMO who has also been poor. I personally don’t know if JK would do it, but he should take this opportunity to check out Jones, Bradley, & Fabian Johnson.

  17. Since the likes of Tim Ream, Larentowicz, Orozco, & Spector have got their chance & failed… I would like to see different players. We also will probably be missing any one & everyone from the teams I believe will be the last 4 MLS teams, LA, RSL, Philly, SKC. I also would like to see different players than Agudelo, not that he has been playing bad, but he hasn’t been starting or scoring too much for NY.
    My 22 for November barring any injuries:
    Howard, Boca, Gooch, Cherundolo, Chandler, Jozy, Dempsey, Shea, John, Dan Williams, Fabian Johnson, Corona, Beasley, Mike Bradley, JJ, Diskerud, Buddle, Findley, Gomez, Goodson, Hamid, Brad Davis

  18. Denmark is possible for November 15. After Denmark won its group on Tuesday, they added a friendly against Sweden on November 11, but nothing yet announced for November 15. Denmark would also be a nice game, and quite tough.

  19. French is both an ethnicity and a citizenship. The French have an ideal — which they perhaps don’t always live up to, but that’s the point of ideals — that their national community is defined by citizenship, not ethnicity. I’m not sure why exactly you get to tell them they are wrong to do things that way.

    Do you think Dominique Strauss-Kahn is not French either? I mean he’s a Jew. Leon Blum too. Hell, Sarkozy is basically Hungarian by your definition.

  20. Agree with you point about the culture they’ve come up in and the system they’ve trained under being the guiding hand. I would say France had more influence on Zidane than Tunisia did. I think papa is just being trollish. Anyone with half a brain would not actually intimate that all “Africans” instinctively play football one way (especially since it’s not a monolithic ethnicity) any more than they would say all white people play it the same way. That’s not racism, that’s stupidity. He’s got to be kidding, or he’s stupid.

  21. Then you might as well freak out now and get it over with because he won’t be called up. He is going to play in the Olympics with all the other guys his age.

  22. If Mixx isn’t called in, I’m going to freak. The poor kid plays about 6 minutes, makes a sick assist and is never seen again. With Torres and Holden out, the midfield is crying for a CM with some flair and he’s got it in spades. Give him a shot, please. I think it’s become abundantly clear that 3 DMs = zero goals.
    We need a guy in the middle who is capable of making a creative pass.

  23. Bacary Sauna was born in France, raised in France, and started his career France. For you to pretend that because his parents were not born in France doesn’t make him as French as say Emmanuel petit is boboth racist and ridiculous.

  24. While I think the accusation of racism is a bit much, fiscy brings up an interesting point. There is a mindset in France that there are no such thing as a hyphenated identity. No matter where you came from, once you are a citizen you are French. This is a very high minded ideal meant to unite an increasingly diverse situation, but others argue that it suppresses ethnic identity. It’s a very interesting issue, not unlike the “melting pot” idea the USA used to ascribe to at the beginning of the 20th century, as opposed to the more modern “fruit salad” mindset, where we are well mixed but retain our individual flavor and identity.

  25. Will be interesting to to see what happens in November with Danny Williams and Fabian Johnson. Story in a local German newspaper yesterday that Klinsmann had told Hoffenheim he would release Danny Williams after the Honduras game to go back to Hoffenheim for training but Williams was so good wanted to keep him for Ecuador and Klinsmann sent an SMS to the Hoffenheim coach saying Williams is staying for Ecuador and Williams’ seat on the return flight from Miami to Germany was empty. The Hoffenheim general manager Ernst Tanner apparently was a bit miffed at Klinsmann.

    But today Hoffenheim Coach Stanislawski patched things up in a second news article, saying he can understand Klinsmann wanting him for another game and that Williams is in good shape and will be back to 100% after a good night’s sleep.

    By the way, I think Hoffenheim would be perfect team for Brek Shea to move to in January.

  26. But at what point does an Italian (or their off spring) who has moved to China be considered Chinese? If the answer is never, then I guess we should send all our national players back to where ever they come from.


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