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Chandler scores to end Nurnberg’s winless streak

Timmy Chandler 1 (Getty Images)

FC Nurnberg's eight-game winless streak has come to a close and Timmy Chandler is the man responsible for that.

Chandler helped Nurnberg win its first game since mid-September by scoring the winner in the club's 1-0 victory over Kaiserslautern on Saturday. Chandler's first goal of the season came early in the first half when he picked off a pass, dribbled by a defender and rifled a left-footed shot to the near post. Chandler then helped Nurnberg preserve the lead, going the distance in the match.

Here's Chandler's goal:


What do you think of Chandler's goal? Surprised he finished so well with his left foot? Do you see Nurnberg going on a winning streak now that it has finally won a game?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. errr,
    donovan and gonzo just won mls cup, dempsey playing well and starting in euro, howard still the one, bradley rockin at chievo, buddle on a hot streak, boca and edu starring at rangers, dmb don’t call it a comeback, dolo looks great in all previous games for us, onyewu don’t call it a come back, goodson doing well for club and country, altidore starting for first place az, young dc keep had strong season, llama in dallas had excellent season, i believe the future with torres, holden, and lichaj looks good, jones getting starts, hell- even findley scored, not to mention harkes is out! oh, and we won our last game.

    making such an outlandish and obviously both false and inflammatory statement just to get a response is the very definition of troll, but hey, haters gonna hate.

    evidence of one more bright spot, enuff to blow a hole in ur theory there.

  2. Chandler is just learning the left back position but he is already the best left back the US has had since maybe David Regis and there is every reason to think he is going to get better.

    This is in no small part due to the fact that he is perhaps one of the most fundamentally sound US players to have come along in a long time.

    Left back has been a problem area for at least ten years. Why you would not leave Chandler there until one of these new kids (like Brooks or Williams) proves he can handle it better, strikes me as insane.

    Lichaj was in the same boat, converted from right back.

    But Eric isn’t half the player Chandler is and he will face a struggle getting playing time at Villa when and if he gets back. If he does come back to the USMNT it should be at right back where he was more impressive than at left back. And before you tell me Lichaj once shut down Bale, let me remind you that he was a right back when he did that and that Jonny Bornstein once marked Leo Messi out of the game in a Copa America match in 2007. Anyone can have one great game. Chandler plays at a higher level and is more consistent than Lichaj and he is the guy I want at left back.

  3. While I don’t agree that Chandler is the only bright spot on the team, the fact that adub does feel that way doesn’t make him a troll. Outside of the emergence of Fabian Johnson and to a lesser extent, Danny Williams, TC probably is the only bright spot. Don’t let your rose-colored glasses obscure the 2011 USMNT results

  4. Chandler plays right back, we are playing him out of position on the left. The dolo-Chandler combination is the best possible for now but dolo will be 34ish by the next world cup. Giving lichaj some left back minutes after he is healthy would a good idea. Its possible some younger players might surpass lichaj by 2012 but as for now it’s tenitivly lichaj-Chandler as outside backs

  5. Tough question. Friedel, Howard, and Keller would have to be up there, so I’m going to discount the keepers just to make it more interesting. Donovan would have to be included, then any combination of Dempsey, McBride, Reyna, Boca, Gooch, and Dolo. I honestly can’t separate them. Reyna, Boca, and Dolo were/are incredibly consistent, but Gooch, Dempsey, and McBride at their best were/are absolute beasts. Just depends what you’re looking for.

    Other guys miss out for various reasons: O’Brien (injuries), Bradley (too young), Beasley (never lived up to his promise), Twellman (didn’t click with the Nats).

  6. Chandler should stay at left back. He is a better left back and a better all around soccer player than Lichaj ever was or ever will be.

    When Dolo finally loses it, and I’m not as quick to dump him as you all seem to be, there should be a much longer list of suitable right back candidates.

  7. Just curious, who would people say are the top 5 Americans in terms of club and nat team performance over the past 10 years? (basically since post 2002 world cup)

    I was thinking in no order-
    Landon, Clint, Timmy for sure.
    Then Gooch? McBride? Keller? Beasley maybe for the early parts?

  8. When Eric Lichaj gets back, him and Chandler should be our starting fullbacks, maybe bring Lichaj in slowly but ultimately he should replace Dolo, or even have Timmy at rightback and Lichaj at left back


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