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CONCACAF releases 2014 World Cup qualifying schedule

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The U.S. men's national team's quest to qualify for the 2014 World Cup will begin at home.

CONCACAF released the schedule for the third round of World Cup qualifying, and the United States will open its campaign in Group A with a home game against Antigua & Barbuda on June 8, 2012.

The Americans follow that up with respective road matches versus Guatemala and Jamaica on June 12 and Sept. 7, before hosting the Jamaicans on Sept. 11. The United States closes out the third round of qualifying with an Oct. 12 visit to Antigua & Barbuda and a home game against Guatemala on Oct. 16.

Other notable matches include El Salvador's visit to Mexico on the final round of fixtures, while Honduras and Panama square off against one another on the opening date. Canada begins the third round with a road game against Cuba.

Here's the full third-round schedule:


(home team listed first)


Friday, June 8, 2012
Group A

United States vs. Antigua & Barbuda
Jamaica vs. Guatemala

Group B
Mexico vs. Guyana
Costa Rica vs. El Salvador

Group C
Honduras vs. Panama
Cuba vs. Canada


Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Group A

Guatemala vs. United States
Antigua & Barbuda vs. Jamaica

Group B

El Salvador vs. Mexico
Guyana vs. Costa Rica

Group C

Canada vs. Honduras
Panama vs. Cuba


Friday, September 7, 2012
Group A

Jamaica vs. United States
Guatemala vs. Antigua & Barbuda

Group B
Costa Rica vs. Mexico
El Salvador vs. Guyana

Group C

Cuba vs. Honduras
Canada vs. Panama


Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Group A

United States vs. Jamaica
Antigua and Barbuda vs. Guatemala

Group B

Mexico vs. Costa Rica
Guyana vs. El Salvador

Group C

Honduras vs. Cuba
Panama vs. Canada


Friday, October 12, 2012
Group A

Guatemala vs. Jamaica
Antigua & Barbuda vs. United States

Group B
El Salvador vs. Costa Rica
Guyana vs. Mexico

Group C

Canada vs. Cuba
Panama vs. Honduras


Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Group A

United States vs. Guatemala
Jamaica vs. Antigua & Barbuda

Group B

Mexico vs. El Salvador
Costa Rica vs. Guyana

Group C

Honduras vs. Canada
Cuba vs. Panama


What do you think of the United States' schedule? Which stretch of games do you consider the hardest? Where would you like to see the home games played?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Timmy Howard on tiptoes yet again. Maybe he and Jozy should trade places. Of course, you can’t put the goalkeeper in the front row.

  2. Olympic Qualifying != WC Qualifying.

    I’d also like to see a match in Nashville, but I do think that’s more likely to happen in the final stage rather than this one.

  3. We probably won’t see him in a US jersey for a year of more I imagine. He’s got to get fit and then there is no telling if he’ll get is form back after being out for so song.

  4. One paper, it looks like a pretty easy group. Well once we give them the smackdown, the Klinsi haters can stop with the Bradley era stats. 10th Place in the FIFA Rankings, we’re coming back for you!

  5. Turf is the issue? Are you serious? The “turf” as you call it is better than most pitches that can be found in the other three countries. In fact every single MLS player who played at Jeld Wen Field praised the “turf” as amazing.

  6. Do you live in Houston? I only ask because I use to live there and have a ton of friends there, and it still doesn’t strike me like there’s that many Guatemalans?

    I know they played the US in a friendly in Dallas’ Pizza Hut Park back in like 2006 when they were doing a farewell game here in the US before having one in Guatemala for their 2nd All-time leading scorer, Juan Carlos Plata who was the leading guy back then, don’t remember that many people there from Guatemala?

    If Houston doesn’t get 17-18K US fans for ANY game then the USSF is right to not give Houston any games…. I know the Dynamo has a great fan base, from what I hear it’s heavy on Anglo fans, and the Hispanic fans I would bet are mostly of Colombian background maybe Salvadorian.

  7. Mazete what? Sounds like its in a place where Mel Gibson filmed his Apocalypto. I’m also guessing Beckerman will be pissing in his shorts surrounded by mean looking Mayan dudes in some jungle stadium somewhere thats still stained with blood from the prior day’s sacrifices. I’m hoping El Salvador pulls off the upset over Costa Rica. If so, then Canada in the final 6 will definately go over jamaica and el salvador. Its been a while since Canada went to teh world cup, but it can happen…as long as el salvador helps out at the group stage.

  8. actually, a game in Houston for the Guatemala match would be more of 50/50 fan base. Either way it wont matter, not sure why im posting about Guatemala??

  9. Surely Klinsmann must know the quality of the officiating he can expect to see. He should pick the worst case scenario then double it. Be prepared, if the linesman doesn’t recognize an offside trap at minute 5, he won’t at 90 minutes. Forgetaboutit.

  10. I like this.

    I kind of want to see Guatemala here in LA, but know not everyone is as excited to see about how many US fans would turn out, if we’ve seen 10-12 turn up for the likes of Agudelo & Bunbury this past January vs Chile’s B team, and the other game vs Honduras’ B team in last year’s Camp Cup cake game, plus over 12K for a friendly with no Dempsey vs Costa Rica’s A-/B+ team I could see a good 15K+ turn out for a Qualifier vs Guatemala. Hell we got 8K for Sweeden’s B team when Sacha had a hat trick?

    Guatemala could easily get a lot of fans but I think it be a good challenge for some of the younger guys without CONCACAF experience

  11. It would be interesting to play Mexico in Seattle, I saw a lot of Chivas fans show up for a friendly vs the Guadalajara Goats.

    I think they got something like 46K, so by averages they got about 10-8K Chivas Fans to come out, could of been more but I don’t remember, just that it was close to 50K, last year in the fall I believe.

    It would be nice to see a US game vs Mexico with say 55K US fans and about 10K Mexico fans? Or maybe even 58-60K US fans and 10K or less of Mexico fans?

  12. Pretty standard days for FIFA dates. Usually there’s a game on the weekend a week after players have last played with their respective clubs, then about 2 or 3 days later there’s a second game on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, but I think they limit it to Wednesday so that players have enough time to get back to Europe if applicable and get to recuperate in time.

    I will say that having them on Friday is tough when they could of been on Saturday?

  13. I hope you’re right. I grew up in Guatemala and my parents are from there.

    I feel bad for El Salvador, not sure how Cuba is ranked ahead of them when they beat them consistently in the past and in Gold Cup they beat them something like 5-0, granted a few ES fans but that was a neutral field since it was mostly some early arriving Mexico fans.

    El Salvador should of been paired up with Honduras, who will now play Canada and Panama, could of been the group of death too, and Mexico should of gotten Costa Rica, Guyana and possibly Cuba if they had been in the ES group that just finished

  14. KC might not get the Antigua game because they’ll have qualifying for the Olympic Tournament in March/April.

    I can see Houston getting a game, not sure which one, but Guatemala seems a good one?

    Portland seems great but I don’t want to see our team playing on Turf. Not even when we face Costa Rica will we have to worry about that, unless of course they get tired of the maintaining the grass thru the rain, but I hope the Chinese built and engineered it with the rain season in mind, the do it in England they can do it in Costa Rica?

  15. Lets not exaggerate on Gooch’s “physical problems of late”

    Guy had a groin problem, not the end of the world, he just happened to get it right after the roster was announced which I believe was around the 3rd, I think he got his knock on the weekend of 11/05-11/06. So he couldn’t do much, he’ll be fine. He’s been starting almost every game since September. Don’t get me wrong we do need to start to develop some depth here as Boca is our best option there after Gooch & Goodsen just seems to be unstable & not solid enough for a starter. I love Omar & think John could thrive in EPL, but I think & hope Geof Cameron rises as a great suitor to take over as Gooch’s partner, Boca shouldn’t be relied on for 2014, I think he’ll stay in shape and healthy and could be a great back up as a 4th CB, but Gooch will be younger and he needs a speedier partner. Omar and John could be the other two?

  16. USA vs A&B – Portland (June in Portland sounds good, save Seattle for the next round)

    USA vs. Jamaica – Red Bull Arena (9/11 in NY plus the beginning of the Euro season NY is most accessible)

    USA vs. Guat – new Houston field (should get some reconition for a MLS Cup Run/New stadium opening, plus game in the south)

  17. That actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea, except for the fact that there might be a strong Jamaican contingent from NY area that might make it a tough game? But I think they can sell out no?

    I am pretty sure they will play at Livestrong Sporting Park at least once. Philadelphia Union’s PPL park wouldn’t be a bad idea for a game vs Jamaica, but idea of having it in Red Bull Arena on 9/11 seems cool too.

    I actually hope they play here in LA for the Guatemala game, I know there’s a ton of Gutemala fans here but it would be good to see how we’d measure up and is not like it would be 80-20% or 90/10 like vs Mexico.

    RBA, LSP and HDC would be great choices, but there’s also the new Houston Stadium… I could see them getting the Guatemala game, not as many Guatemalans there, lot of Salvadorians & less from Guatemala & Honduras

  18. Not sure I’m willing to bench Shea just yet, but you might have a point. Johnson will push Shea to equal his performances with the National team to those in MLS or vs Mexico in August.

    I think Buddle & Altidore will have to be explored further especially if we are in need of a goal during a tied game or losing by 1.

    Someone is going to have to sit tho, which finally gives us some depth with Shea, Johnson, Beasley and hopefully Feilhaber as wing players to back us up. I’d love to see what Corona can offer on the right? Could move up Dempsey to forward like we use to before and Donovan to that ideal classic #10 role in the middle where he drifts to anyway?

  19. The last time I did that I was in 8th grade, was the Volleyball line judge. I think I might of dropped by for a tournament in 9th grade, got paid for that lol

    I’m sure we’ll do fine, it’s the game in Guatemala and Jamaica that will be tough.

    Kind of hope we see US vs Guatemala home game here in LA, I know it would be a bad situation considering there were about 12-14K Guatemalans for the Honduras v Guatemala Gold Cup match, I should know I was there and I’ve seen upwards of 20K at the Coliseum easily, but still we can get about the same amount of US fans I think for an official game with Donovan, Dempsey & rest of 1st team guys. I believe in 2007 it was almost 50-50 with a slight pro Guatemala crowd, and they’re no where near as bad as a game vs Mexico in LA like in the Gold Cup final

  20. The last 2 times Guatemala has faced the US which was in the 2nd round of qualifying of WCQ 2010 for them, the one just like this one before the Hexagonal they played at the Estadio Mateo Flores in Guatemala City. 1-0 US win with a Carlos Bocanegra goal, ref was bad, I remember Ruiz got ejected and so did Eddie Lewis but there were a lot of bad calls, we struggled for a while that day.

    The time before that was in the Hexagonal of 2005 for WC 2006, Guatemala’s closest chance to qualify for the World Cup

    (even better than 90 when Mexico was disqualified & the US ended ahead of Guatemala & Canada I think)

    That year Guatemala played at Mateo Flores, had already locked up qualification and took a lot of back ups and reserves and rested many starters, tied 0-0. Guatemala really needed a win too.

    So the last time they could of played in Mazatenango was in 2001 for 02 qualifying.
    Doubt they’ll do it again, not even sure if that’s a FIFA approved venue for World Cup Qualifying any more, it’s taken a toll with rainstorms and I hear FIFA has some strict guidelines for that type of match

  21. The ENTIRE population of Antigua and Barbuda is only about 90,000. We can have the home game there and I guarantee you there would be more Americans there than Barbudans.

  22. Personally I’d love to see a game in the Pacific NW. The soccer support force is very strong out there in Portland and Seattle.

    Having a match out there would almost guarantee an ALL US supporting crowd right???

  23. I will never understand the fixation that some SBI readers have with Altidore’s photo poses. It’s slightly curious, but why is it brought up every single time?

  24. I am by no means an expert on Jamaican soccer, but I don’t think it’s likely that they would send a B-squad to the Gold Cup.

  25. Really!!! Do you think that was Jamaica’s A-Team. Carefully. Compare the Reggae Boyz squad from the WC 2010 semi-final Group of Death qualifiers who lost a spot in the HEXAGON by goal difference against Mexico. Some of those Reggae Boyz were not used for the Gold Cup.

  26. This should go pretty well for the US, providing we do not lose too many defenders to injury.
    Of what seems to be the pool (Boca, Dolo, Gooch, Goodson, Chandler, Lichaj, maybe Williams, apologies to Orozco, Ream and Castillo), 2 are presently injured and since age correlates with slower injury recovery time the first 4 in that list might not be available. That could hurt against Jamaica or Guatemala (especially the away game vs Guat). Still, I expect things should go ok as long as we do not lose all the veteran 4.
    We have enough depth at midfield that injuries probably will not hurt the US too much. The strike force is kinda thin, but (yesterday’s game aside) there are a lot of guys who could step in and perform at similar levels to Klinsmann’s preferred starters.
    More exciting is what comes after this round.

  27. I’m going to guess that there will be one game in the Northwest (Seattle/Portland), one in the Northeast (probably Red Bull Arena), and one in a place like Kansas City or Dallas.


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