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England 1, Spain 0: Match Highlights


  1. Teams will smother the middle until they do???lmao…. Teams can try win in the air all they want, EL ESPANA will let them have it. Los grandes del Futbol win por abajo, that you can’t teach! England & ESPANA play 10 times, ESPANA wins 9 out of 10 of them. What’s the problem??

    Lampard a good winner & Espana are sore losers? Hmmm??? If teams build walls through out the 20-40yds and wait for the other team to come and attack them most of the time they will be called on it and not much respect will be given…. Mexico has never respected us in Futbol because of our style of play. Any team can bunker!

    England beating Spain is not shocking. Take England to Camp Nou and Spain wins easy.

  2. Did you forget ‘high and wide’. This is a comment on tactics not Spain’s results. They won, but not from width or in the air. Teams will smother the middle until they do.

  3. Cesc is complaining about England tactics. Until they can beat other teams high and wide, that’s all they’re going to see, 8 defenders smothering the smurfs.

  4. read some comments from the spanish players on how they were better and 9 out of 10 times they would have won the game, pretty similiar comments to when they lost to the us…bad losers, just because you play better and with the ball the whole game dont mean you win, bad losers.


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