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France 1, USA 0: Match Highlights


  1. Beckerman is not good enough. Though he is quite experienced, it comes from a lower level than is needed to play with the best teams in the world. It is quite clear when you see him need to make a quick decision or make a decision in motion. He looks very lost on the field. I know that there are people that do not like Bradley, partly bc of his dad, but MB is, objectively, a far superior player.

  2. Joe Frank Towers. ha-ha.

    I am in total agreement with that assessment. Using Edu up ahead of Beckerman as the central offensive midfielder is not a good offensive solution for the USMNT. But I also don’t think Jones or MB would be any better than Edu in that role. Williams might be a bit better as a central (CENTRAL!!–not right wing) offensive midfielder. But Williams too is more suited to a defensive role and I don’t see him as a long-term offensive solution.

    If we look at Beckerman, MB, Edu and Jones playing the lone DM position in the 4-1-3-1-1 formation Klinsi has been playing, only one of those guys should be on the field at the same time. As a pure lone holding midfielder, I would rate the DM depth chart on current form as Beckerman > Jones > Edu > Bradley. Williams probably already would outclass MB in that spot, but not yet Edu or Jones. But we don’t know for sure because we have only seen Williams in a US shirt totally out of position on the right wing. Pull your head out Jurgen and pull the poor kid off the right wing. That experiment should be over.

  3. Starting 11 Bench
    GK: Howard GK: Hamid
    RB: Chandler CB: Gonzalez
    CB: Onyewu CB: John
    CB: Bocanegra CM: Williams
    LB: Lichaj AM: Johnson
    RM: Holden LM: Shea
    CM: Jones ST: Agudelo
    CM: Bradley
    LM: Donovan
    CF: Dempsey
    ST: Altidore

  4. Matt,
    We will always be number 1 or 2 in Concacaf. The next step is to play well in the WC were we play teams like france and belgium. If your goal is for the US to advance out of Concacaf than you are still living in the 90’s.

  5. Marco your wrong the Highlights are the fact that they are only 4 and a half minutes long. Imagine how long they would be if we had no D or Timmy.

  6. Altidore always seems to be alone in the attack because Dempsey is constantly having to run into the midfield to pick up passes because we can’t hold it and move it around with guys like Beckerman and Edu. Stop fooling around and find a real partnership in there. If you want Beckerman to hold, that is fine, but you have to give him someone who can take the ball off of him and distribute it. That someone is not Bradley, Edu, or Jermaine Jones. It is a shame Joe Frank Towers got hurt. I think he and Beckerman made a decent pair if Klinsmann was married to the idea of Rastaboi back there.

  7. I like Klinsmann’s philosophy:
    On what is the best strategy to play against a team that is fast, technical and have a lot of the ball:

    “If you sit back and react to a team like that, you might once every ten games beat them with a counter-break. I come from a different point of view. If you want to compete with these types of teams, whether it’s a France, Holland, Germany , or other teams of that level ,you have to go at them. You have to really try and push them back and push up your defense.”

    He is just using the wrong players (ie.. Beckerman and Edu)

  8. i am nervous about this USA team. we have a better team now then in the last two world cups. yet, we are still losing. i dont get it.

    USA’s best squad:

    Shea(convey)————————–Donovan(benny f)
    ——–Jones(edu)—–Danny Wiliams(bradley)———

  9. Deuce, Howard, Donovan are solid players who can compete. Some others have potential (Shea, Altidore, Agudelo), and still others are just not ready for the national team level (Beckerman, Goodson).

  10. Sorry you all, but you are only as good as your assistant coach and JK picked the wrong man for the job. He failed at Chivas and he may be a good guy, but you know whta they say about good guys…..

  11. I need to reeducate myself?? are you insane… Who do we have that’s objectively good, I’m not even talking about world class, because we don’t have anyone who’s world class. I’ve been following the NATS for over a decade, and i’m telling you, i’ve never been as pessimistic about the pool as I am now… that’s why i’m gonna focus my attn to the u23’s and u20’s… we’re just not going to find anything to look forward to right now with the men’s team

  12. Sigh….

    Jozy played well given the mediocre service he got, the last time he played that well was against Costa Rica back in ’09. Jozy is our undisputed #1 forward, no doubt about it. The scary part is that out best forward can’t find a way to score with the national team. And yes, is not his fault because he is left alone againt 4 defenders but still….. how are we suppose to feel knowing that out best striker can’t get the job done and that the second best hope is a teenager who can’t get some playing time with his club or the other who plays well sometimes(Bum bum).

    I really hope that Landon is carrying an injury which will explain his low performance otherwise we are in TROUBLE. Williams is all Fast and Furious but not much skill (at least so far). If Landon and Clint can’t provide the attacking spark playing together then we are Doom.

    Edu and Bekerman are not working out so…. we need Bradley, at least we can agree that he can be an upgrade given the fact that regardless the position he plays, he can provide some push going forward.

  13. If you like cheese, baguttes, and voted using a ballot featuring Nicolas Sarkozy in the last presidential election, then yes, there were highlights.

  14. He’s partly right: They, with Howard and Onyewu (when in form, like against Belgium) are the two closest to being world class.

    It seems that many of the American fans have the unfortunate trait, possibly learned from the English, to be overcritical. It’s a damn game and we’re playing it better, slowly, and with Klinsmann’s help. Someday, we’ll have a US coach, ala Jason Kreis, who will be able to maintain and even build the style.

  15. of u think chandler is one of our two best players then u should hold off on any criticism until u re-educate urself of our player pool and the team in general

  16. haha, i was about to go on a rant… but then I thought better of it. We suck, plain and simple, let’s focus on our U23’s and hope we got some ballers. We literally have 2 good players, chandler and dempsey, (not counting keepers). But really other than them, who is objectively good right now?

  17. The US had no link in the midfield, no ability to string passes forward. Would love to see what a 4-1-3-2 would do. The usual back four (Dolo, Gooch/Goodson, Boca, Chandler), Bradley as the deep midfielder, Dempsey under the forwards, Donovan and Shea on the wings. Jozy and (insert name here) up top.


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