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Keller’s final press conference

Retired Seattle Sounders goalkeeper Kasey Keller gave his final press conference on Thursday, where he touched on his playing career, the growth and future of MLS and what lies ahead for him. Give it a watch and feel free to share your thoughts about Keller's comments and what you'll remember about his playing career in the comments section below. Enjoy:



  1. I had some delusions that he would play in the CCL matches, but apparently that isn’t the case.

    RIP – Kasey Keller awesome keeper
    Hello, World – Kasey Keller coach, front office exec, #somethingelsereallycooltodowithsoccer

  2. Mike…I was literally coming onto the comments to say the exact same thing:

    Kasey Keller…future MLS Commissioner.

    I also think he might make an interesting MNT coach.

  3. Great perspective he shared about the growth and future of MLS. I suspect based on his comments MLS really has about about 20 years plus to reach an elite level.

  4. +1
    As great of an announcer as Arlo is, it’s frustrating and awkward listening to him carry on a conversation with himself like he does at times in virtually every game. Kasey Keller would be great color commentator next to Arlo!

  5. Excited to see where he fits into the organization from here. He’s as versatile as he is skilled. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him Seattle’s head coach somewhere down the road. A lot of hints at commentary. He and Arlo would be a good team I think.


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