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Newcastle 2, Everton 1: Match Highlights


  1. Wow. “Louis Saha with a shot that was deflected wide.” From that video, clearly deflected wide with a Newcastle defender’s outstretched hand. Funny they didn’t mention that.

  2. The preview picture for this video has Carroll, Barton, Nolan, and Enrique in it. Who would have thought that losing those players would actually make the team better (no comment on Barton).

    Living on a high right now as a Newcastle fan but I’m still being very cautious with my feeling of euphoria. Finally over the next three fixturs against both Manchester sides and Chelsea will we be able to see if this is “legit” or just a string of good luck.

    Even if we walk out of those three games with 0 points we will still be in a league position that not many would have seen us being in come the start of the season.


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