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Pots set for Euro 2012 draw

Spain (Getty Images)

With the completion of Tuesday's Euro 2012 playoff qualifiers, the four pots are set for next month's finals draw, and there's a pretty solid chance that we could see some stacked groups in the summer. 

Co-hosts Poland and Ukraine occupying two of the four spots in the top pot, with defending Euro (and World Cup) champion Spain joining them. The rest of the teams were seeded based on their UEFA coefficient, meaning that World Cup runner-up Netherlands grabbed the other spot in the first pot, and other perennial powers were forced into lower positions. The much-anticipated draw is slated for Dec. 2 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Here are the four pots that will determine the groups:

POT 1 – Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine

POT 2 – England, Italy, Germany, Russia

POT 3 – Croatia, Greece, Sweden, Portugal

POT 4 – France, Denmark, Czech Republic, Republic of Ireland

Which team from the last two pots do you think has the best chance at making a deep run? What Group of Death are you pulling for?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. This is also the last year with just 16 teams, as the 2016 tournament will have 24 teams. Germany won’t be in danger of being Pot 2 again unless they deserve.

  2. In the case of: Spain, Germany, Greece and Ireland, I wonder if the germans would freely give away two goals during the first 10 minutes only to demand three back over the last 80… 😉

  3. I agree with you regarding Spain and Germany, but it would be difficult for Greece and Ukraine to flop because the expectations for these teams are quite low. England, on the other hand, will be hyped up by the British media and is virtually guaranteed to flop.

  4. yeah, they were missing quite a few players. but germany has been tearing people apart for all of 2011. it’ll be a great tourny either way!

  5. I agree with Bryan although Netherlands had a few players missing yesterday Germany moped the floor with them. Germany is my pick to win it all with either England or Netherlands in the final

  6. Croatia would have been in pot 2 over Russia had they won on Tuesday. I wonder if they knew that. They had it locked up already and played out a draw against Turkey.

    BTW if anyone is wondering how the rankings are figured, its weighted

    Euro 2008 (qualifiers and final tournament) – 20%
    2010 World Cup (qualifiers and final tournament) –
    Euro 2012 (qualifiers) – 40% of total weighting

  7. the possibility of one group being Spain, Germany, Portugal and France is ridiculous. that would be one hell of a group.

    my money is on Germany. they look unstoppable.

  8. Is it me or is Klose the best international soccer in the world? Dude plays decent for his clubs, scores a decent amount of goals, but saves his A game for the NT. He is a starter over Mario Gomez, who is 1 of the top 5 strikers in the world right now.

  9. Impossible to pick a winner, but I’ll put my money on Netherlands. They are just stacked at every position. And I think England is in line for a change of luck.

  10. You right lol. Early in the morning need my morning coffee before reading lol. I still feel England is playing the best out of all the teams here. Italy will crash out and so will Portugal.

  11. Looks as if they factored in the Euro 2008 tournament very highly into these pots, with Russia in pot 2 and Croatia in 3.

    Hopefully this will be the last time they do the co-hosts. Anytime Germany is pushed to pot 2, something isn’t right.

  12. Spain and Germany are the ones to bet on to win. Though Netherlands is up there with them.

    I see England, Greece and Ukraine flopping out.

  13. Pot 2 is the obvious group of death. Its going to come down between Italy and England for the second spot. Right now I would have to lean to England. All the other major countries have easy roads to the next round.


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