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SBI Live Q&A (Nov. 9th Edition)

ClintDempseyRed (Getty)

It is time to talk all things soccer in the latest SBI Live Q&A.

We have plenty of topics to discuss this time around. Whether it's the U.S. national team, MLS, college soccer or European and international soccer, we can talk about it for the next few hours.

Let's jump right in and get started (Live Q&A is after the jump):



  1. This. To blame the schools for cutting certain programs is backwards thinking. Title IX has done some good things, but much like all affirmative action rules, it has quickly become antiquated and out lived most of it’s usefulness.

  2. I have to agree with the posters on the Title IX issue. The universities don’t really have a choice on which programs to cut as Men’s Football and Basketball fund all of the other sports programs. Bad teams make less money so if you cut football scholarships, you end up having to cut those other sports anyway.

    Change the rule to be equal number of teams and same percentage of players, per team, with scholarships, and you have a workable system.

  3. I love LD and him at Everton, but I don’t think they’re ready to spend Arteta money on a player that doesn’t appear to be the same caliber as Arteta. I would like to see him there, though a return of Fulhamerica would also be nice.

  4. Because we almost lost to them with a full strength side playing a system they knew forward and backward. I won’t be surprised with any result that’s close in this game. We win or lose by 3 and I will be shocked.

  5. David Moyes says signing Landon to a permanent deal is not realistic. How much do you think MLS would want?

    Everton recently sold Arteta for 10 Million pounds, right? Seems they would have the cash.


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