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SBI Live Q&A set for 1pm Today

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It is that time again everybody. Time for you to get your soccer-related questions ready to send my way in the latest SBI Live Q&A.

We have plenty to talk about today, what with the U.S. national team preparing for two friendlies in Europe, MLS Cup fast approaching and the college season reaching the most important time of the year.

Want to talk about the unstoppable Mike Magee, the mysteries of Jurgen Klinsmann's love for Michael Orozco Fiscal, or maybe some college soccer and who the top pro prospects are? If so, then joins me here at 1pm.

See you all then.


  1. yeah, as much as people hate on Orozco, he is solid. He is fast for a CB and can pass. He lacks in the air, but his positioning is good. Probably a reason why 0 goals were scored while he was in. I still don’t think he is anything more than a depth option, but he deserves his call ups.

  2. “… the mysteries of Jurgen Klinsmann’s love for Michael Orozco Fiscal …”

    Even if one accepts Klinsmann’s excuse about building a central core, the logic breaks down for two reasons.

    1. You must except the premise that Klinsmann and staff picked the best 22 on their first shot.
    2. Competition for spots 16-22 would upset the central core.

    I believe neither. Klinsmann must not stick with preconceived notions and allow poor performers to return unchallenged. His central core argument is BS.

  3. And here I thought it was just because Klinsy is after the old Orozco-Fiscal family recipe for some German-Mexican fusion Kraut Burritos.

  4. Speaking of Orozco Fiscal and as Orozco Fiscal will be a Q and A topic people might want to check out an interesting analysis on TSG (not sure whether it is allowed to mention this Web site in this forum) comparing various passing and shots statistics when Orozco Fiscal is on the field for the USMNT and when he is not. When Fiscal is on the field, the USMMT defensive line does not have to play as deep and can connect better with the midfield, and therefore has more passes and a better completion percentage than when he is not playing, which the analysis indicates means that Orozco Fiscal fits into Klinsmann’s strategy for a more possession oriented game than other options. Or at least that is one way the stats can be interpreted.

  5. Yo SBI where is the Morning Ticker to help me start my day? I’m struggling here and could really use something to help me procrastinate at work.

  6. I thought Bradley Cooper would at least garner 3-4 female fans in the stands. I guess I was wrong.

    Oh, nevermind. That’s Mike Magee.

  7. Dude it’s because the home depot center was built in land of the Dominguez Hills university so on Wednesday’s the capacity is reduced to 5k-10k. All on the side of the camera. Which is about the highest attendance Dallas gets on their best day.


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