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Second-half goal sees USA lose to France

USA France 2 (Getty Images)


Another friendly. Another 1-0 loss.

The U.S. men's national team was unable to score for the fourth time in six games under new head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, and as a result fell, 1-0, to France at Stade de France on Friday. The defeat dropped the U.S. team to 1-4-1 under Klinsmann.

Loic Remy scored the game's only goal minutes after entering in the second half, but the result could have been worse for the Americans if not for several quality saves from Tim Howard.

Playing against a young French side missing some of its star players, the U.S. team struggled to maintain possession and create chances. The Americans had to rely on shots from distance to trouble goalkeeper Hugo Lloris, but even those lacked venom and accuracy.

Led by Carlos Bocanegra and Steve Cherundolo, the U.S. defense did well against France's attack in the opening 45 minutes. The Americans held Karim Benzema, Franck Ribery and the rest of Les Bleus at bay for much of the first half despite the hosts' domination of possession.

France had more success breaking down the American defense in the second half. Benzema nearly opened the scoring when he got on the end of a corner kick, but his headed effort smacked off the crossbar.

The Americans weren't so lucky in the 72nd minute. Remy, who entered the match seven minutes earlier, got on the end of a long ball played over the top and fought off a Clarence Goodson challenge before hitting a low shot past Howard.

The defeat to France, which is the third all-time in as many games for the Americans, ensured that the United States will have a losing year for the first time since 1997.


What do you think of the United States' 1-0 loss to France? Who impressed/disappointed you? What do you think needs to be different in order for the team to score?

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  1. I lve everyone taking it out Jozy, I believe he was the only that created a shot in the box and went off the side netting, but hey. WE need to drop the 4-5-1. Blow it up, throw it out.

  2. Out of everyone playing bad you blame Jones ? Why Jones was not bad he was okay Ii think Beckerman sucks he passes the ball without thinking. Also, I have no idea what we will not use Bradley and Jones and use two forwards. Jozy needs a striking partner.

  3. “… so it had to be something external of the pitch and locker room…”
    The BAYERN GM ULI HOENESS hated him. It was definitely personal. He refused to bring in attackers at the break. He hated his travel to So. Cal also.

  4. Pretty sure, Fabian, Williams, Shea, Orozco, Rogers, Beckerman are all new faces that Klinsmann wants to see over time. Not saying they are the right picks but experimentation at this point in the cycle is a plus.

  5. Could be argued the opposite as the head of the fish is the keeper followed by the defense and so on. Not sold on Jozy, his touch is miles away from what were looking for, but he’s playing well with AZ and prob our best option. But after watching this game the midfield is of the most concern

  6. You’re a fool and your mother smells of elderberries!!
    Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood. But my argument will always go back to, how many decent crosses or balls were played into the box for Jozy to even try??

  7. Holden’s made what one club appearance since March? That was a nasty tackle and all due respect but between the de Jong injury and this I’m in “show me” mode to believe he’s not the new Beasley or O’Brien. Both those guys were once practically etched into the 11 in their primes but you have to be healthy to be relevant.

    I agree with many that Chandler needs to go back on his natural-footed side where he is an impact player. Maybe the means is a healthy Lichaj, or maybe we need to reopen the LB search with the notion that Chandler can be moved back. But Dolo is getting run by and is potentially a Bornstein Problem in his own right. You don’t want to focus on an O-30 like Reyna/Lewis in 06 where they just underline on the big stage they got too old.

    I think we need to lok at Cameron as a CB. He’s technical enough and adds an athletic aspect. I don’t think Ream or Goodson are good enough most nights. Need to keep looking. (And I think if you bring O-Gonzo in you just see another Goodson-type solid in a positional game but not fast enough to stay with end to end play.)

    Beyond that I think a decision needs to be made about whether on a normal night we are the total football team of the earlier Klinsi games, or this hang back and counter team of late. The concepts imply different players and yet the pool seems to stay the same.


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