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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

RonaldoOzil (Getty)

If the long Thanksgiving weekend has left you with an empty Saturday you'd love to spend just watching great soccer, today's slate of soccer games offer just the type of day-long getaway soccer fans dream of.

You can start the day in Germany, where defending champions Borussia Dortmund take on neighboring rivals Schalke 04, then head on over to England, where Manchester United faces upstart Newcastle United. A London derby can carry you through mid-day, with Clint Dempsey's Fulham facing Arsenal at The Emirates.

The afternoon offers some of the best matches of the day, including the Madrid clasico between Atletico and Real, as well as the battle for first place in Serie A between Juventus and Lazio. Oguchi Onyewu and Sporting Lisbon takes on Benfica in another juicy rivalry clash.

If you will be watching today's match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (Today's soccer TV schedule is after the jump):


7:45 a.m. - - Stoke City vs. Blackburn

9:30 a.m. - GOLTV - Borussia Dortmund vs. Schalke

10 a.m. - Fox Soccer Channel - Chelsea vs. Wolverhampton

10 a.m. - ESPN2/ - Manchester United vs. Newcastle

10 a.m. - Fox Soccer Plus/ - West Brom vs. Tottenham

10 a.m. - - Bolton vs. Everton

10 a.m. - - Norwich City vs. Queens Park Rangers

10 a.m. - - Sunderland vs. Wigan Athletic

10 a.m. - - Crystal Palace vs. Millwall

12 p.m. - - Lecce vs. Catania

12 p.m. - GOLTV - Rayo Vallecano vs. Valencia

12:20 p.m. - - West Ham vs. Derby County

12:30 p.m. - Fox Soccer Channel - Arsenal vs. Fulham

1 p.m. - - Bordeaux vs. Caen

1 p.m. - - Nancy vs. Dijon

1 p.m. - - Stade Renne vs. Evian Thonon Gaillard

1 p.m. - - Toulouse vs. Valenciennes

1 p.m. - - St. Etienne vs. Ajaccio

1 p.m. - - Sochaux vs. Montpellier

2 p.m. - Deportes - Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid

2:45 p.m. - Fox Soccer Channel - Lazio vs. Juventus

2:45 p.m. - - Atalanta vs. Napoli

3 p.m. - - Lille vs. Brest

3:15 p.m. - - Benfica vs. Sporting Lisbon

4 p.m. - GOLTV - Getafe vs. Barcelona

6 p.m. - Azteca America - Cruz Azul vs. Morelia

8 p.m. - Telemundo - Chivas de Guadalajara vs. Queretaro


  1. Re this offside business.

    Chicharito is a striker in the Michael Owen mold. That means he spends a lot of time playing on the shoulder of the last defender. When you do that you run the risk of being offside a lot; but that is okay since you wind up making the defender nervous and possibly error prone and besides you only need to get onto that through ball once and not be offside to make all the other offsides worth it.
    Attackers can make 10 botched attacks but if they score on the 11th attack the other 10 don’t matter.
    A defender must be perfect on all 11 attacks.

  2. I love Mexican National Team fans who go to any length just to try to insult Americans. Chicharito might be a good goal-poacher, he has great speed and great positional sense (even though he scores from an offside position a lot), but you can get off of your knees, he has plenty of people for that.

  3. How is that gap smaller between Chicharito and any player in this country? Chicharito has played and scored for two major clubs; Chivas and now Man Utd. Already has six goals in the Premier league this season. So how has teams figured him out? Jozy only managed one goal for Hull.
    There is never any sense of objectivity from US soccer fans. This guy is better than anyone from this country; that’s a fact.

  4. Yeah that’s why he is best striker in CONCACAF. When was McBride ever referred to as that? McBride did he ever play for a top European club? He was a mid level club player and Chicharito is WAY above his level. The truth is bitter, I know, but Chicharito is better than anybody this country has ever developed.

  5. DD – I would be that is what they call themselves, but in the correct grammar context, you would be correct. So, we’re both right b/c the avg. Yank has no clue about either.

  6. Bake would be too classy to do that.

    And he also would not score as many goals as Chicharito.

    It is a bad comparison anyway. They are two different types of players; if Bake were playing today he would be teamed up with Chicharito and they would be terrorizing EPL backlines.

  7. Yeah, I’ll bet they keep it going at least long enough for syndication. When they do axe it, this show will have a long life on Comedy Central or IFC or something

  8. “Little Pea’s” jock strap isn’t big enough for anyone else to swing from but you.

    Come back with better insults next week.

  9. Critics don’t pay the bills though. It sucks that most people that watch that show are in their early twenties and watch TV online. It’s definitely one of my favorites, and it is getting closer to the number of episodes required for syndication.

  10. Let’s see how they fare next week. Their schedule was cake until last week. They need to come out of their City-United-Chelsea stretch with more than a point for me to think they’re the real deal.

  11. What exactly were you watching? He was standing in the 6 yard box and was trying to get out of the way of the shot when it hit him and deflected in. Even the most ardent Chicharito supporter couldn’t think he did anything there.

  12. Yeah he is overrated that’s why none of your strikers in the entire US Soccer history is as good as he is or any of them can carry his jock strap.

  13. Nope. Nobody mentioned the Fabian assist. Thanks for the info, Matt. These are going to wind up being the two best Germericans, it seems.

  14. Good ol’ reliable Arsenal goalbox defending. Hopefully Fulham will continue to press with the lead since there are 20+ mins to go.

  15. Fulham is such an odd team. In the past 3 years they have finished 8th, 12th and 8th again. They’ve made it to the Europa League final and also made it to the quarterfinals of the FA Cup back in 2010 I believe. Their squad is pretty good and yet pretty decent. Their defense is arguably CL quality. But all of their players are aging really bad and I honestly see next season a lot of them leaving. I sure hope Dempsey leaves next season. Fulham is at their peak as we speak. Everything after is down.

  16. Why does Fox Soccer not have any idea what the starting lineup is for the Fulham/Arsenal game? They’ve got Dickson Etuhu playing wide right. He’s a defensive midfielder…..


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