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West Brom 1, Tottenham 3: Match Highlights


  1. It still pains me to say it, but Ade has been a great addition to Spurs this term. My only real hesitation is that we cannot afford the wages he would want to make the move permanent.

    I LOVE the fact that JD is still content at Spurs and willing to take on the super sub role….especially if it leads to more late game goals for us.

    What gives me hope for this campaign–as mentioned above, is that these games (against middle pack teams) is where we always shot ourselves in the foot over the past years, but that seems to be righting itself….a subpar performance without key players and the rest of the lot still getting the full 3 points. Wow, it’s a refreshing change of pace.

    And you KNOW that Hodgson is the master at parking the bus and picking apart a teams’ defense. So while the result was a bit flattering, it wasn’t undeserved.

    Good sign of things to come.

  2. What a change this is from last year, eh? Last year we kept dropping points against subpar teams and had to hope for a big comeback at the end of the season to finish in the top four (which of course didn’t happen). This season we’re winning all the games we’re supposed to and consolidating our position early on. Spurs are in very good shape right now. Long season though – a lot can yet change. Many people are thinking we can catch United and maybe even City. I’m thinking, let’s just build up as much of a cushion as we can for 4th. That’s all I really care about right now. Well, that and finishing above Arsenal.

  3. I think that’s true, at least in terms of top class strikers. But if he keeps scoring at this rate, who cares if he’s wasteful? Also, he really does create a lot of opportunities. He spends a lot of the game in midfield. His checking back creates opportunities for him to make runs forward. And his quick passing has fit right into the creative Tottenham attack. He’s combined on some gorgeous quick passing buildups.


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