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Who is your pick for MLS MVP?

BradDavisMVP (Getty)

It is a debate that is sure to heat up in the days leading up the announcment of the final MLS end-of-season awards.

Who is the MLS MVP?

There are candidates scattered throughout MLS, with some candidates having stronger cases than others. In the case of some teams, like Los Angeles and Seattle, you have multiple candidates.

SBI will announce its staff-selected choice for MLS MVP next week, but for now, we want to hear from SBI readers on who they think is the right pick to be the 2011 MLS MVP.

We are presenting SBI readers with a 10-player ballot. In the interest of avoiding the splitting up of votes, we only have one player per team, which left out some good candidates, but this is the most fair way to present the ballot.

Now, without any further ado, cast your MLS MVP vote after the jump:


Who did you vote for? Who is missing from the ballot that you felt should have been on? Why did you feel your pick was the MVP?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. WTF??

    Davis created 15 goals

    Houston does not score much, but when Davis’ set piece expertise/ composure on the ball is on display, Houston always has a chance.

  2. I can’t imagine that Beckham won’t be the winner of the league award. Huge name, good stats, great team, and — oh yeah — huge name. What’s more surprising to me is that I think he’s earned it.

    This year’s incarnation of the Gals are one of the best teams MLS has ever seen — near-record league point total, Supporters’ Shield, CCL group stage winners, now the MLS cup final — with a forward tandem at the start of the season of Chad Barrett and Mike Magee. From what I’ve seen, the reason for that is David Beckham — he’s been the focal point of their offense and the guy that makes the team go when their other stars are having off nights. LA on the break is a terrifying sight for MLS defenses thanks to Beckham’s passing, and his ability to make plays from a deep-lying role allows the rest of the team to play the defense-first style that they do. Add in his set pieces and a truly remarkable amount of running for a guy his age (he’s what, 50 now?) and I think it’s fair to say that he’s finally having the on-field impact that the league was hoping for when they brought him here.

    There are some other great candidates — Davis probably meant as much or more to Houston as Beckham did to LA, and as a Sounders homer I have to throw in Ozzie Alonso — but Beckham gets my vote here and it isn’t particularly close.

  3. In what world do people live in where someone playing for a team that didn’t even make the playoffs is on the list for MVP? In what way was he valuable if they couldn’t make the playoffs?

  4. De Ro also stacked his stats in a very few games. As in, half of his goals came from hat tricks in 3 different games. Most of his stats come from stacked wins, not across the season. He was invisible in many other games, or only had a minor influence. So his stats do not tell the entire store. You cannot just look at a number and actually say that person is deserving because you have to see the circumstances that lead to that number.
    For me Brad Davis gets it because he did it consistently again many teams, not just a sputtered few. There were 17 goal scorers for the Dynamo. The only way that happens for a team is if someone is directly or indirectly providing. Davis provided to ways, first his service, second teams focused on him instead of the rest of the team.

  5. “He lead a team which I expected nothing from to an MLS Cup berth.”

    The MVP award, like MVP awards in every US team sport, is for the REGULAR SEASON not the playoffs.

  6. It would be Beckham for me. Not only has he been the best player on the best team, but I think he takes what would have been a decent LA team without him and turns them into the best team in MLS by a wide margin.

    Aside from Beckham, I have to go with Davis. He lead a team which I expected nothing from to an MLS Cup berth.

  7. Davis has (16) assists and (4) goals, i.e., he was directly involved in 20 goals. De Rosario had 12 assists and 16 goals, i.e., he was directly involved in 28 goals. What is remarkable, however, is that he put these numbers playing with 3 different teams. It’s a big disadvantage to adjust to a new set of teammates mid season, not knowing their habits and having to develop chemistry on the field, but De Rosario overcame this and had an amazing season.

  8. Davis created 40% of Houston goals this season and you think they would have done without him? You are crazy. Maybe if De Ro would not have played for three different teams this season he would win and if DC would have made the playoffs. De Ro is sick but Davis is MVP. Better service than Beckham

  9. Dero was the most outstanding player in the league this year. His goal and assist totals are big and he had moments where he dominated games in a way I’ve not seen from any other player in the league I don’t buy into the, “who was most valuable to their team” notion.

  10. 1. DE ROSARIO by a mile
    2. Rosales
    3. Davis
    4. Shea
    5. Beckham

    Both Rosales and Omar Gonzalez should have been included in the poll over half those other guys…

  11. Shea also played three times more games int he last 2 months, than most on that list (Regular league, CONCACF, National Team)…he’s not a machine.

  12. See, I would say Juninho is actually more important to the Galaxy’s success over the course of the season than Beckham. That dude is doing all the dirty work in the middle.

  13. De Ro for me, and not just because I’m a United fan. This award is for the 2011 season MVP, and I don’t thinkn not making the playoffs should effect his winning. He was an incredible player, and without him, DC would be nowhere near as good. Davis had a great season, but I still feel Houston would have done well without him. I don’t feel that way about a DC without De Ro.

  14. For me, it’s Beckham. His presence completely unsettled defenses, and he was even more dangerous than Davis because you never knew where he’d pop up. Without him on the field L.A. would have been another run of the mill team.

  15. Houston probably wouldnt have made it to KC without Davis though. And the Sounders looked pretty good in Game 2. So really your basing it off 2 games.

  16. I know it is not always popular to say anything positive about Beckham, but screw it. Donovan had a sub-par year, Robbie Keane replaced a largely ineffective Robbie Keane, and injuries affected the Galaxy at various points. But Beckham had a consistently good year and was the inspirational leader of the team. More importantly, the individual quality of his game is at the top of the league and he stepped up when it mattered: playoff time.

    I don’t see anyone on the list that mixes these same attributes: individual quality, consistency, and raising his game at playoff time. Brad Davis is close, but Beckham nudges past him in my vote.

  17. I was leaning Davis until I saw how the playoffs panned out. Davis goes down, Houston flies. Rosales goes down, Sounders sputter in the worst way.

    Rosales = MVP

  18. If we’re considering the entire season, then it’s Davis. 2nd half: it’s DeRo. IMHO.

    Have you already put up an LVP poll? Maybe two: one with everyone, and one for LVP besides Rafa.

  19. As good a finishing kick to the season as Oduro had, I would have replaced him on the ballot with Eddie Gaven — the unsung hero of the Crew’s season that surpassed the expectations of many following the purge of vets (Schelotto, Hejduk et al) after the 2010 season.

    FYI, I voted for Davis by a nose over Shea.

  20. Rosales should be on that list. My vote would probably go like this: 1) De Rosario. 2) Henry. 3) Gonzalez. 4) Beckham. 5) Davis. 6) Rosales. 7) Alonso. Shea isn’t deserving of the award. He did well in the first half of the season, but faded badly after that.

    (SBI-The call between Rosales and Alonso is a tough one. I hear more people in Seattle say Alonso is the team MVP, that’s why he made this ballot.)


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