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Ajax 0, Real Madrid 3: Match Highlights


  1. I was a bit skeptical when fans started to claim that Ajax was robbed, but after watching this replay I agree. Two good goals by Ajax ruled offside. I also think that Real’s first goal looked like it may have been scored from an offside position, but I couldn’t definitively tell from the replay. Not saying there’s a big UEFA conspiracy, but the refs had a really bad day and their mistakes affected who got to advance to the next stage of the Champions league.

  2. Yeah, this is very poor, they show an Ajax shot that goes 5 yards over the bar… but won’t show a controversial play ?

    weak, very weak

  3. darn: i was hoping the hi-lites would “hi-lite” the Ajax goals that were called back. “heard” the calls to cancel out the goals were poor.


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