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Chivas USA selects Alvarez to highlight first stage of MLS Re-Entry Draft


Chivas USA made the biggest move in Monday's short first stage of the 2011 MLS Re-Entry Draft by using its fourth overall selection to pick former Real Salt Lake midfielder Arturo Alvarez.

Two other teams made selections, as the New England Revolution used the second overall pick on former Toronto FC fullback Danleigh Borman, and the Columbus Crew used the ninth overall pick to add former New York Red Bulls defender Carlos Mendes. The remaining 16 teams opted to pass.

Both Alvarez and Borman were out-of-contract players, meaning Chivas and New England must make "bona fide" contract offers to them. In simpler terms, that means they're guaranteed an offer of a first-year salary at least equal to their 2011 annual base salary. Players will be on the team's books at that number until at least April 1, the earliest date that salary figure can be mutually negotiated down, according to the MLS collective bargaining agreement.

For Alvarez, his base salary this past year was $192,585. Borman's was $42,000. Should either player reject the offer, the teams will still have the right of first refusal for him.

Columbus will be forced to pick up Mendes' existing contract option, which was denied by New York.

The second stage of the draft will be held next Monday, when teams won't be shackled by current contract terms. Players still in the draft pool can also negotiate with their former teams up until Friday at 5 p.m. to avoid being subjected to the draft process.

Some of the bigger names still available include former Houston Dynamo fullback Hunter Freeman, Chicago Fire midfielder Baggio Husidic, Real Salt Lake midfielder Andy Williams and MLS all-time leading goalscorer Jeff Cunningham. The full list of players available in the draft can be seen here.


What do you think of these selections? Surprised that a high-salary player like Alvarez was taken in the first stage? Whom would you like to see your team take in the second stage?

Share your thoughts below. 


  1. i laugh at people when they start talking about who is good and who’s not I’m brazilian played pro (probably you guys never did) but Alvarez is the type of player that does not belong in the MLS because he is too skillful. TECHNICAL for must americans but i tell you this next year he will surprise EVERYONE!!

  2. Actually, DCU is NOT seeking a central midfielder. Branco Boskovic (a DP who was out most of this past season) is returning and in the team’s plans. DeRo will probably start out as a striker but he’s not too shabby as an A-mid.

    DCU has made it clear: they’d like a goal scorer and a defender (ideally a central defender). Those are the team’s two biggest priorities. After than, it’s looking for bargains that fit the team scheme.

  3. williams would cost too much. Now that everyone passed him in the first round they have the right to re-negotiate, however, he would still command a hefty chunk for a guy getting up there in age.

  4. CUSA wont have to pay him that much. The “bona fide” offer has to be at minimum the league minimum. the 193k he was making prior to the re-entry draft is a thing of the past since he’s out of contract (not just Options Not Picked Up).

  5. Scott French always has the scoop. Thanks for the info.

    I’m conflicted about this. As a supporter, I want him far away from LA, but as a father and a husband, he needs to make a living. $42,000 is hardly enough for one person to support himself in LA, let alone a family.

  6. From Scott French at ESPN LA.

    “Cristman, 26, whose option was declined, withdrew from the process and could be negotiating a new deal with the Galaxy, although it’s unlikely he would accept much less than the $42,000 he made this season.”

  7. as a Quakes fan i totally agree w/ you re: Alvarez at that price. however, if the team had waited to the 2nd stage they could’ve made an offer for about a 1/3 that price- still more than anybody else probably would have. makes me wonder if their FO understands the new re-entry draft process thoroughly.

  8. Andy Williams may not have much left in his legs but he’s still very crafty with the ball at his feet and can set up plays nicely.

    Williams on artificial turf is a gamble with his age but DC plays on grass at RFK (I think). He’d be a great fit there.

  9. Yes, muchismas gracias a Chivas Usa.

    Your kindness in trading for and selecting high salaried players over their prime knows no bounds (you showed loving kindness to your LA Galaxy brothers by trading for Juan Pablo Angel).

    You exist in MLS for this very reason.

  10. He would have retired by now. He is not being re-signed by RSL because he would of by now. He definately would have as soon as he was on this list if that was the case.

  11. Not sure about the other 2, but I think people are reluctant to take Williams because he would be almost certain to retire if selected.

    He has a home in Salt Lake and is a shoe in to be part of our FO if and when he retires.

  12. Anyone heard what’s up with Cristman? His name isn’t on the re-entry draft roster anymore.

    I’m afraid I know the reason, but I’m hoping I’m wrong…

  13. Chivas continues to make astonishingly bad roster moves… it’s like a weekly thing for them. Where would Chivas be as a team if Labrocca didn’t have a good year pretty much out of nowhere and an aging Angel didn’t resurrect himself after two awful years with much better teams? Basically their only bright spots are flukes.

    The second stage can have some nice value deals available, but they should rename the first stage the Chump Draft, because you’re basically saying you’re willing to overpay for a mediocre at best player. Wasn’t the only guy taken last year Joseph Ngwenya? And the fact that Alvarez makes close to $200k to suck is enraging in this economic climate, those occupy protesters should be up in arms.

  14. I couldn’t be happier, now I can breath a sigh of relief that Alvarez will not be on the books for Real this year. What a happy day. Thanks Chivas.

  15. I would think DC, Montreal, & Vancouver would possibly be interested in Andy Williams, Baggio Husidic, & Clyde Simms (not DC)… Williams to DC, Simms to Montreal, & Baggio to Vancouver perhaps. Either way, I think these 3 players should be utilized by teams that need a central mid.


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