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Dempsey scores again to help Fulham tie Chelsea

Clint Dempsey is closing out 2011 in style, as he scored his fourth goal in six matches to help Fulham salvage a 1-1 draw in their West London Derby clash against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Dempsey made a near-post run to convert a Bryan Ruiz cross, cancelling out a beautiful Juan Mata goal just two minutes into the second half. The goal was Dempsey's ninth in all competitions this season.

Here is the goal:


  1. How does this look:


    Could have Fabian Johnson at left mid instead of Shea who knows, and although Klinsmann likes Beckerman and played MB at Right Mid, I think he does better and actually has both the experience, and work rate with that motor of his to play the position with the distribution that Jurgen likes and the only reason why I think he likes Beckerman for it, but with far superior skill, better accuracy in his passing and a sent for scoring off late runs form the middle.

    Hell Could even try Fabian at Left Back and slot Chandler at Right Back, his more natural position… Hell we could even play Deuce with Jozy up top and play maybe Torres in the middle CAM spot

  2. I’ve seen those teams winning Bundesliga titles and even get far into the knock-out rounds. Fulham barely made the Europa Final when Dempsey and some other players got there and reached what’s probably the best form in their history as far as the Premiere League era

    Stuttgart and Leverkusen are most definite better teams and a jump up, Werder Bremen… maybe not so much but who knows?

    What about French teams tho? I had not much of an idea about what his chances are in the Borussia sides, but still think they can use him especially in a situation where they’re both tournaments????

  3. Sorry I wasn’t clear enough. I’m not at all referring to Dempsey’s club form, that’s pretty much flawless as far as maintaining his form for entire seasons at a time. The comment about him disappearing is with regard to the US games, not Fulham. Actually come to think it for that it’s pretty clear since I then mention how he got his form back in the Confederations Cup and again mention how before that he had a long bad stretch, highlighted by the game in Chicago vs Honduras, it was the last 2010 Qualifying game before the left for South Africa for the Confeds.

    And I did mention that he did well in the Confederations Cup, as I noted that tournament gave him the chance to get his form back.

    And btw if the comment seems a bit off is because the 2nd part is supposed to be below the 1st paragraph of my next post, which should be directly below this one ↓↓↓↓↓↓

  4. Can’t agree, Edwin, with your comment that Dempsey “goes missing” in big games. This isn’t the first time he’s punished Chelsea, in a big derby game. He obviously came through in the Confederations Cup and he was instrumental in Fulham’s advance to the Europa cup finals. He seems to get moved all over by both club and country, but he keeps scoring. He continues to be Fulham’s leading scorer, and near the top for the USA. Between Dempsey and Donovan, we now have active on the national team 2 of the top 5 all time goal scorers.


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