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Former RSL defender Joy opens up about depression

IanJoy (

In the wake of the recent suicide of Wales manager and long time English soccer star Gary Speed, there is growing attention paid to the plight of pro soccer players dealing with depression.

MLS is not immune to this, as former Real Salt Lake defender Ian Joy revealed in a recent story by Prost Amerika. Joy provides a very personal account of his own struggles with depression, and how those around him helped him cope with the battle.

It is definitely a story worth reading.


  1. Joy was a badass. I’m glad he’s bringing attention to this issue.

    For my money, St. Pauli have to be the coolest club on the planet, and I think Joy agreed. He has a huge st. pauli jolly rogers tattoo on his back.

  2. A sad story but I am so glad to read it because depression still bears such a stigma in the U.S., especially in the world of professional sports.

  3. I remember Ian Joy, if recall, he played for St. Pauli in 2. Bundesliga and was a true LB. He eventually came to MLS a few yrs ago and was starting on the left for RSL around when they started to become competitve, but lost his spot to Kerry Wingert (I think), Joy seemed to not take it well if I remember it al corretly.

  4. There has been discussion that post NFL players have high rates of suicide and this might be related to post concussion syndrome. As the concussions/head trauma is high in soccer players as well, this might be brain damage.

    My friend just died of ALS which is possibly also related. Some of the ALS/concussion links have been in soccer players.

    Your mileage may vary, this is very speculative at this point


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