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Guzan becomes Aston Villa starter after tests rule Given out for month


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The time for Brad Guzan to prove his worth at Aston Villa has finally come.

The American goalkeeper is slated to become the Villans' starter for the next month after scans revealed that regular starter Shay Given has a hamstring tear. Guzan replaced Given in the first half of Saturday's 1-0 loss to Manchester United and did not allow a goal.

The next month will be big for Guzan, who has struggled for playing time since joining Aston Villa in 2008. A solid showing in the coming weeks could also attract potential suitors during the winter transfer window as well as help Guzan re-gain consideration for the U.S. men's national team.

Guzan's first-ever start in the Premiership will come on Saturday against Bolton Wanderers.

How do you see Guzan faring for the next month?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Guzan is a #1 somewhere and needs to leave in the Winter window. I’ve been impressed with him in every game I’ve actaully been able to see him play.

  2. Seems like Klinsi doesn’t know him from Adam, though. The guys who’ve gone to Deutschland, for the most part, have been in camp with the US since Bob departed.

  3. Like others here I’ve always considered Guzan as the US # 2 keeper. Hamid & Johnson are both great prospects, but if we were in actual WC qualifications I’d rather have Guzan’s experiance if we needed our back-up keeper.

  4. Given is great but he is 35 and has a 3.5 million contract. 35 is young for a keeper by Villa standards but Given has been a little more brittle than Friedel was.

    If Guzan plays as well as he can, Villa may be tempted to shop Given around.

    At the very least this will be a great chance for Guzan to audition for a job elsewhere.

  5. Agree. I’m not usually a big fan of goal keepers, but I love the composure he shows in tough situations. And his passing out of the back has always been pretty good.

    I still like him as our number 2.

    I’m sure he will seize the moment. But it will probably take a few awkward moments to shake off the rust.

  6. Here is the December EPL schedule:
    Away to Bolton
    Home to Liverpool
    Home to Arsenal
    Away to Stoke
    Away to Chelsea

    Quite a test, it would seem.

  7. Guzan is a very good ‘keeper, he like alot of Americans, has just fallen into a bad club situation and has struggled for playing time.

    I think his quality will show this next month and hopefully it will lead to a loan or transfer this January. He’s too good to be a backup these days.

    I only hope rustiness isn’t a issue since he has seen so little playing time lately.

  8. hahaha. Dude this is his best song ever

    My other favs are

    “Superman, Love the Way You Lie, Stan, The Way I AM, Cleaning Out My Closet, Toy Soldiers

  9. So true. Yet Bradley always play consistently no matter what. Even from Feb-May when he played like 3 club matches, he still played quite well for the NT.

    but I do agree. Our guys need to be playing as much as possible and if they’re not, their place is up for grabs no matter if they’re a SUPERSTAR.

  10. The Guzman is in. Remember 4 years ago several teams were after him in the PL. Now he’s getting his chance to shine. He’s our no2 regardless of what others say. His performance in the CC showed that.

  11. Guzan! What a huuuugggee moment for him. I’m hearing the words of the wise EMINEM:

    “You better lose yourself in the music, the moment

    You own it, you better never let it go

    You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow

    This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo”

  12. I remember his first year with Chivas USA. I think he’s well prepared for the pounding that he is about to take. In the end, I think that his goals-against average will be no different than that of Shay Given.

  13. he has to be still considered the #2. i think klinsi is just proving a point and trying to force guzan to go somewhere where he is playing everyday. he should do well for villa but the team isn’t that great. guzan could start for championship teams i’m sure and if he was playing regularly i’m sure he’d be #2. hamid is good but not better than guzan at this point. but i like that klinsi forces players to perform to get on the US team rather than bob who takes his usual suspects no matter what.

    look how well mike bradley played to force his way back into the lineup. he is now starting for chievo and is doing well. under bob he was on loan in england last year but never played yet still started and played 90 for the US every game.

  14. Seems to have been languishing on the bench…nice to see him play. Doesn’t seem to be in the plans for Klinsi so maybe he can force the issue with a good run

  15. I hope he tears it up and gives them something to think about when Given comes back healthy or earns a loan or even transfer somewhere he can actually play


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