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Leonardo downplays Beckham to PSG


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Most reports have been making David Beckham's signing with Paris-St. Germain a matter of "when" and not "if," but PSG sporting director Leonardo offered a far less convincing take on the potential signing on Friday.

At a press conference where Carlo Ancelotti was introduced as the club's new coach, Leonardo told reporters that Beckham's move to Paris was "not done yet, and it might not happen."

"We never said it was done," Leonardo added. "We have a good relationship, but I don't know what he is going to do. There is always the question of his personal life. He is in Los Angeles. Nothing is signed."

Beckham played on loan at AC Milan under both Leonardo and Ancelotti, and his past relationship with both parties was expected to be a major factor in his prospective move to Ligue 1 following the expiration of his five-year MLS contract.

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  1. Everton is not going to pay top dollar to finish a spot or 2 higher. If Landon were to put them over the hump as a serious contender, things would be different.

    Drogba is the man that LA should pursue if Beckham leaves. They have the midfield playmakers (Donovan, Sarvas, Cardozo, Villareal, etc) to feed the deadly combo of Keane/Drogba and they have the defense to back it up.

  2. Within the last 48 hours the press has reported that Ronaldinho has agreed to stay on in 2012 with Flamengo as as one of the companies that guaranteed his contract have agreed to pay up his back wages of over a million dollars. (he hadn’t been paid in 4 months)

    Apparently he has pretty awful agent, as he agreed to sign BEFORE getting his money owed.

    I seriously doubt Lampard would come to the Galaxy UNLESS Donavan ops to go to Everton.
    Yes, the could get around the salary cap/DP issue by signing him to a “personal services” contract or defer his wages or a loan, etc, etc. But i do not think the Galaxy are that desperate to sign him,

    What is really amazing about all this is that an MLS club is at the center of attention in the “silly season”, and that the Galaxy are a serious contender for a lot of soccer stars.

  3. The Daily Mail has a story that Beckham is now more likely to stay in LA. The question is whether this is a good thing if Ronaldinho is really on the table (not sure that he is).

    The Sun also has a story that Beckham is trying to get Lampard to join him in LA. Interesting quotes from that story:
    An MLS source revealed: “Galaxy have three designated players — Beckham, Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan, who is on loan at Everton.
    “However, there could be a way around the rules so Lampard could also join.”

  4. According to our lone resident PSG zealot, you’d be incorrect.

    In fact, I haven’t seen him in the comment sections proclaiming it’s all but a done deal.

  5. I’d love to have someone go back and fetch every Leonardo quote and PSG “anonymous source” since September or so…

    …and tell me they weren’t super-confident that Becks was theirs.

    That Paris newspaper that splashed his arrival on their pages is starting to look like their “Dewey” moment.

  6. Finally somebody is able to see it! I saw this clue – about him staying in LA – the moment I read Joanne’s tweet saying that her bro was having the birthday celebration early because Beckham is not gonna be there in London in February, or, in her words to mask the real situation, “in case my bro is not here”. Plus, all signs from Beckham’s interview since LAG’s tour shows that he’s more into staying in LA than going away.

  7. A telling sign: When Becks hosted a “birthday party” for his sister Joana this week, it was revealed that her birthday actually is in February. If he were to sign for PSG he would be in Paris in Feb and a short 30 flight to London. But if he were to be in LA in February, having a b-day celebration in London now would make more sense.

    It was also revealed that the Galaxy has sweetened it’s offer to Beckham

  8. What would LA do? Really.. Juninho gone, Becks too? No Ronaldinho… LD can’t carry that team on his back anymore. They’ll pay Beckham to keep the brand afloat for another year

  9. Maybe Becks stays and Donovan goes? I was assuming the opposite, but you never know. AIG invests in Everton, moves Donovan there, and then uses Beckham as an ambassador to Liverpool local councils to get approval to build a huge, money-generating entertainment complex.

  10. The only good thing about him leaving is that we might be able to get Juninho back through the open DP slot. That or get someone like Lampard, who I don’t think is coming anyway.

  11. Beckham has a strong relationship with Adidas and PSG’s kits aren’t sponsored by Adidas so I was never convinced this was gonna happen.


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