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Must-See Goal: Carlos Vela

The draw for 2012 CONCACAF Olympic qualifying is set for Tuesday, and one of the players who could be starring for Mexico during qualifying is Carlos Vela, the perpetually on-loan Arsenal forward who is currently at Real Sociedad. His late equalizer Sunday against Malaga was a thing of beauty. Enjoy:



  1. Nice goal.

    For a Mexican.

    Seriously, though: the touch with the head to flick the ball into the perfect place for the scissor kick was a thing of beauty. It was almost better than the strike itself.

  2. Dempsey could start for many Champions League teams or he could sit on the bench. These teams have alot of depth, so even though he’s good enough to start there’s other players of his level he would be competing with. Berbatov and Tevez don’t start yet there’s plenty of players with less talent that do. Its a matter of luck, depth and fitting in.

  3. For Villareal he would have to start over…

    de Guzman

    For his price tag and age, he wouldn’t see the field over any of them.

  4. Sevilla was after him. He wouldn’t be sure to start 100% or eve 75% but he would fight and I bet he’d be a regular starter of sorts. Villarreal is in relegation battle, he could start for them.

  5. Just remembered that although he wasn’t chosen by Chepo De La Torre for their Gold Cup Squad, they were trying to use him for his age for their Mexico U22 team (limited by CONCACAF) for CONMEBOL’s Copa America. He did not go because Arsenal did not release him and it was probably for the best since the Mexican federation suspended half of their team for partying with prostitutes at a hotel (and later getting robbed by them too, LOL) in Colombia after a friendly victory, all this days prior to their first actual Copa America game.

    He may have been out of form in 2011, but I keep forgetting he’s still young.

    Question: Does FIFA release players for Olympic and Olympic qualifier games?

  6. Deuce is good, but a Spanish CL team picking him up is a pipe dream.

    Barcelona? No.
    Real Madrid? No.

    Even at teams like Valencia and Villareal he would not start.

  7. My boiiiii Dempsey has 37 league goals in 161 league matches. That’s basically a goal every 4 matches. Not bad for a winger/striker on a small team like Fulham. Hope the fans are going to name a bar in his honor.


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