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Must-See Goal: Jozy Altidore


The move to Holland has done wonders for Jozy Altidore's scoring touch.

The American forward scored the lone goal in AZ's 5-1 defeat to Heerenveen. Altidore leveled the score in the 20th minute of the match, when he played a give-and-go with a teammate, the forward cut through two defenders before firing in the goal. Despite the defeat, Altidore's AZ remain in the pole position in the Dutch Eredivisie due to second-place PSV Eindnhoven's loss to Feyenoord.

With Sunday's goal, Altidore has tallied nine goals in all competitions for AZ.



  1. “So for a US fan that could be construed as must see.”

    Valid as that point may be, I on the other hand construed it differently so I could possibly lighten up a bit however, I am just covering my basis in the event that the author meant it the way I construed it. Is that kool?

  2. It was an excellent goal. It was simple and fundamentally sound and the product of excellent vision, teamwork, reflexes and control in a very tight space.

    You don’t know why SBI labeled it must see.

    For anyone who has been wondering when the US might have a forward who can score at a fairly high level on a consistent basis, this is further proof that Altidore, who to this point has been portrayed by the fans and the media as useless, is headed in more or less the right direction. The US player pool is still third or fourth rate and the team is still a mid to lower level proposition but at least there is some evidence of progress.

    So for a US fan that could be construed as must see.

    Lighten up. It’s not like you had to pay to see it.

  3. By american standards…it is a must see goal. We are so dazzled by any type of positive out come for ojur players. It seems the bar has been considerably lowered by the media jizzing all over themselves when our players do something well however if you ask anyone from a different country they will say it was average and he did nothing any other striker should do in that position. It was a good goal…nothing more. If anything…i am excited to see how this carries over to the national team but must see? Hardly…

  4. Goal was nice, but what I’m happier to see is how quickly he went into the goal to get the ball and run back to the half for the restart. No cocky over the top celebration when you’re still tied. No time wasting and uncecessary self promotion. Just get the game started again, we’ve got a long way to go and we want this game. Refreshingly mature for a younger player.

  5. The pass and finish. Plus lots of criticism over the past year saying how Jozy has to work on his touch and pass and all that and this is another reminder that he is progressing and that first team football even if in a lower degree league was what he needed.

    He has 5 league goals in 13 matches. And several assists this year. He’s helped AZ reach no 1 spot. anyone can tell us what the press or fans are saying about him?

  6. Perhaps you should trust the coach who has AZ top of the Eridivisie table over Gullit, given how well the teams he has managed have done?

  7. 1 There was some nifty passing leading up to that goal

    2 Altidore has had some nicely struck goals for AZ this year, one in particular that was really nice

    3 is your rec league team top of the table in the Netherlands

    4 why am I bothering, you are obviously an idiot

  8. I’ve seen better goals in my rec league. The fact that Ives is calling this a “must see goal” is testament to the fact that Jozy hardly ever scores any well struck goals at all. The goal was just an average goal that any player at an intermediate level would score.

  9. My Dutch is pretty bad, but I think he said its as good a goal as you’ll see, a good combination, the one-two, and then later the three (the other guy says the three, not Gullit). Then he starts talking too fast and I lose the plot.

  10. He’s right and the fact that AZ got blasted tells us while Jozy Altidore scoring touch may be rounding into something good, He STILL does not know how to play the lone striker up top.

    (SBI-AZ is in first place. How does ONE loss suddenly tell YOU that about Altidore?)

  11. 14 to go.

    While he is clearly learning and playing with confidence, there is nothing surprising to me about his success and the way he is playing. Since he was a teenager with NY, he has always been at his best with the ball at his feet. He is being asked to play in a style that suits him.

  12. this is sick!! Unreal. Just hope some of these guys pan out and contribute to the Senior team later on. Flores looks like the real deal

  13. Gullit said it was a fantastic goal- great combination play, and well taken. But then he started to say that AZ is suffering by playing only one striker.

  14. Yeah, not only is “out-the-door” lazy, he’s got a first touch of stone. Haters, how’s that glass of shut up juice taste?

  15. Not only was that a fantastic goal, Jozy also played for the entire 90 minutes. The skill and fitness he is acquiring from his play at AZ will only lead to positive things for the national team.


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