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Plush out as Rapids managing director


A year removed from winning MLS Cup, the Colorado Rapids are undergoing major changes to their staff and front office.

With Gary Smith already out as head coach, managing director Jeff Plush became the latest to leave the club, doing so after six years on the job, according to a team release.

No reason was given for his departure, but Plush, who was vital in constructing the 2010 championship squad, said, "I believe I have accomplished what I set out to accomplish; it's time for me to explore the new opportunities in front of me."

Plush's departure comes at a time when the club is in the midst of its coaching search and while crucial personnel decisions need to be made leading into the 2012 preseason. According to the Rapids, he will act as a consultant for the organization as it searches for both his and Smith's replacements.

What do you make of the Rapids' staff overhaul?

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  1. Rapids are at cross roads. Question is whether Uncle Stan wants to sink the cash into the team to let them compete or get left behind.

    Last season league saw major step up in acquisitions. If half the players show up that are being rumored about then the trend will continue.

    Will Kronke spend the cash?!!!

  2. Front Office staff have ego’s too! The Crapids are just going to be starting over again. They lost the only thing good they had going when Gary Smith left. Is it me, or does this seem like the same thing that happened to Chelsea when JM left? Never been the same since. They’ve always made stupid decisions there. Letting Beckerman go, etc. Never fear Crapids supporters, you still have all the dirtbag players in the league (Casey, Pablo, Mullan,etc.) Wait, maybe the Houston Dumbnios have more?

  3. People in the front office view the organization as a stepping stone to something better. No one at the Rapids is in it for the long haul.

  4. As an RSL fan, I think this guy made the right decision; putting yourself as far away from Colorado HAS to be a good move!

    Rivalry aside (which was more difficult than I thought it would be; the jokes really wanted to come out in this comment), Why does the ownership value Bravo over, apparently, everyone else?

  5. Bravo is Technical Director
    Plush was Managing Director
    Jim Martin is Executive Vice President of the Rapids/President and CEO of KSE.
    I don’t think he even cares that the Rapids exist, his plate seems to be full with the Avalanche, Nuggets, Pepsi Center and Altitude.
    Then you’ve got Josh Kronke, Silent Stan’s “wiz kid” son who is a Governor of the Avalanche and Nuggets and wields some unknown amount of influence at KSE itself. From an outside perspective it seems like the executive structure is unclear and has too many tiers. They should make a concerted effort like New England did to sort out responsibilities and hierarchy so that the next coach and director know what they are walking into. You know things are bad when you are looking up to New England(and pretty much the rest of the league) for how to run a club. Here’s hoping they get it sorted quickly, we are falling way behind in the offseason transaction department, and it looks more and more like we are headed toward a rebuilding year.

  6. Having talked with Jeff several times over the years, I really liked him. He was totally candid, wanted to win and was fiercely loyal to his team. My understanding is that he was Bravo’s boss. Maybe he realized he was never going to get the support from ownership needed to build what he wanted to build. I don’t think he was a soccer guy from the start, he won a championship, why deal with the headache?


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