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Rowe signs Generation adidas deal with MLS

  Kelyn Rowe (

With the 2012 MLS Draft just two weeks away, the 2012 MLS Generation adidas class took a step closer to being completed after the signing of the highest-rated unsigned underclassman.

UCLA playmaker Kelyn Rowe has signed a Generation adidas deal, sources told SBI on Wednesday. Rowe is the fifth player to sign a Generation adidas deal, joining Andrew Wenger, Darren Mattocks, UCLA teammate Chandler Hoffman and Sam Garza.

Rowe was named Pac-10 Player of the Year and helped lead UCLA to the College Cup semifinal. A skilled attacking midfielder who just recently took part in the U.S. Under-23 national team camp in Florida, Rowe is projected to be a Top Four pick in the upcoming MLS Draft.

Rowe's signing leaves University of North Carolina stars Billy Schuler and Enzo Martinez as the lone remaining top Generation adidas targets yet to sign with MLS. Schuler is weighing offers in Sweden.


  1. How many non-GA picks (seniors) are expected to go in the top 10? I guess what I’m asking is which players a team might pass up a GA player for? Quakes have just signed an experienced CB so I’m wondering if our FO might skip a project for a senior forward that can contribute straight away…

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  4. “big difference”


    considering UCLA Soccer didn’t play Utah or Colorado, I don’t see it being a “big deal”. then again, I’m not retarded either.

  5. I’m with on the Polak sentiment. As I wrote above, I’ve been watching him for a few years now — and I’ve always been very impressed. I know everyone keeps focusing on the Germans and the British-American left backs, but I still think Tyler is the future USA left back. Maybe not in 2014, but for the 2018 cycle. I wonder if MLS has closed the door on handing out more GA deals, or whether it depends on what happens with Schuler and Martinez.

  6. Very exciting prospect. I really hope Martinez signs with MLS as well. These are the types of players that need to be playing in MLS exciting technically gifted young players. To bad Rowe couldn’t sign with the Sounders as a a homegrown player. He should more than likely be starting this up coming season for what ever team picks him in the draft.

  7. +1

    Of course, the team does need striker help, too. Townsend might be a good choice.

    Then, there’s the left back problem — I’ve been a huge fan of Tyler Polak ever since I first saw him play for the U17s. I would be delighted if DCU picked him.

  8. I’m ambivalent about this signing, as it looks like almost all the GA players are going to be attacking players, and DC could really use a LB. Still hoping Kemp or Polak get a deal, as I can’t see DC getting much use out of the forwards that would fall to #7.

  9. If the Revs can find a quality striker able to play up top on his own (*cough re-sign Caraglio cough*), a central midfield tandem of Feilhaber, Joseph, and Rowe would actually be pretty exciting to watch.

  10. Hope both Enzo and Schuler sign, DC could use Enzo. Not really seeing any other candidates who could help us centrally or on the wing in terms of depth the way he could.

  11. +1
    The Revs fans no longer have to hope for Mattocks or Wenger dropping down to the #3 spot. They will be happy if they get Rowe at #3 and ecstatic if Mattocks or Wenger fall. They probably could use the later pair more as they need a striker and to shore up the heart of their defense, but Rowe will help them big time. Best of luck to Kelyn and his MLS endeavors.


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