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Wednesday Kickoff: FIFA to release documents, Ajax-AZ to start over & more

Blatter (Reuters Pictures)


FIFA has been ordered to release documents pertaining to its involvement with former marketing partner ISL by the Swiss supreme court.

The documents contain information about several FIFA members who took millions of dollars in kickbacks from ISL during the negotiation of television broadcast deals for the World Cup, with former FIFA president Joao Havelange and 2014 World Cup organizer Ricardo Teixeira at the forefront of the scandal.

FIFA said it will not appeal the decision, although it has 30 days for a change of heart. Current FIFA president Sepp Blatter is not implicated in the case and has stated repeatedly that he would release the documents willingly. Blatter orginally planned to release the documents this December, but a legal challenge prevented that from happening.

Here are some more stories to kick off your Wednesday:


The Dutch Cup match between Ajax and AZ Alkmaar that is now infamous for an Ajax fan running onto the field and attacking AZ goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado will be replayed in its entirety behind closed doors. The match will take place in full on Jan. 19, with the winner moving on to the quarterfinals.

Alvarado was sent off for retaliating against the fan by kicking him while he laid on the ground. AZ then left the field and refused to carry on the match, which was in the 36th minute with Ajax leading 1-0 at the time. Esteban's red card was rescinded the next day by the Dutch federation. 

The fan, meanwhile, reportedly received a 30-year stadium ban from Ajax as punishment for his role in the incident.


Israel named Eli Guttman as national team coach in a move reportedly seen as widely popular within the country. Guttman, 53, is a native of Israel and received unanimous backing from the IFA board.

He will replace Luis Fernandez after the Frenchman failed to qualify for Euro 2012. Guttman's managerial experience comes primarily from managing club sides in Israel and Cyprus.


With the January transfer window only a few days away from opening, several big names are reportedly on the selling block:

  • Dimitar Berbatov, who has struggled to find a starting spot with Manchester United despite an impressive goal tally, is rumored to be in contact with Bayer Leverkusen. Berbatov spent five seasons with the Bundesliga club before joining Tottenham Hotspur in 2006 and then moving to Manchester United.
  • Chelsea winger Florent Malouda is in a similar predicament and is a reported target of newly-rich Paris-St. Germain.


Interested in the document coming out of FIFA? Was it the right call to replay the Ajax-AZ game? Where would you like to see some of the big names end up in January? 

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Clint has accomplished a lot. But the problem with Clint is:

    He’ll be 29 in March.

    He is practically indispensible to Fulham meaning they will need to jack the price up for him.

    Chances are that price will be too steep for an older guy who is not a proven commodity in comparison to, for example, Luis Suarez who is younger(24) and more proven.

    If he were 24 right now, and all the other accomplishments were the same,there would be no question about him being a hot item.

    Personally I think Chelsea, for example, would get a lot more out of him than they are getting from Torres. And I think Clint will continue at a high level into his early thirties. However, Duece and Donovan still suffer from the perception that Americans are not quite that good (especially for the big money ).

    Ironically, if Landon can pull off that Superman act with Everton during his upcoming loan, it might actually help Clint get some more interest.

  2. Ives, correction. Check out the story you linked to, the order was not from the Swiss Supreme Court but the “supreme court of the canton of Zug.” That’s why it’s possible to appeal.

    I think you also mean “allegedly” took kickbacks. I don’t doubt they did, but it’s not been proven.

  3. I’m not saying Dempsey is a Van der Vaart but Dempsey is a Cahill-type and sometimes shows glimpses that he could be better than what he is, and right now, he’s playing SOLID football. I’m curious if he headed to a Germany/France/Portugal could he start for 1 of their CL teams. Not the BM or Dortmund but what about Leverkusen or Lille or Sporting Lisbon. what are ur thoughts?

  4. I don’t believe anyone thinks of Dempsey as world-class. But he’s proven that he’s quite a Marvel of a player and deserves to play for a bigger club, not a top 4 PL side but perhaps a top 6-7 side.

  5. you make no sense; you said

    I think it is because he is American and they suck at soccer

    then say;

    What I meant was American players are valued poorly in the transfer market.

    your an idiot or dumb or both

  6. You made a sound comeback with your 2nd response to which I was impressed and then you wrote something of yourself in your final statement…Sad sad little boy….shows your obvious age and mental capacity.

    Furthermore; its Euros smart guy; the pound sterling is no longer the currency used in current Euro markets.

  7. Also at 49 after what suspects will be a hard life he will not have the physical ability to invade the pitch and get past the middle age ushers.

  8. What I meant was American players are valued poorly in the transfer market. Why would Fulham sell Dempsey when they could sell Zamora and Johnson and get as much money and lose a lot less productivity. I would not be surprised if Johnson ends up at QPR for 2 to 3 million pounds.

  9. I wonder if that fans friends are starting to plan his 50th birthday party at an Ajax match yet. If they build a new stadium in 20 years does that ban stay in affect?

  10. how come no rumors about clubs coming after Dempsey.He’s had 2 WC experiences, helped his team reach Europa League Cup final in 2010, scored 39 league goals in under 5 years in the PL for a lower ranked club. what’s the reason some clubs seem to avoid him for?

  11. I don’t think Sir Alex is going to part with Berbatov. Obviously money talks but I’m not sure Leverkusen will put forth enough money to make Ferguson listen.

    Malouda should leave Chelsea. The man was in top form for the last two seasons and now he doesn’t even see the pitch. He’s too good for the bench. PSG seems like a likely place for him.

    I don’t see Milan parting with Pato.

    I’d love to see Sneijder, Hazard and Mamadou Sakho move to the Prem, although God willing it won’t be to City.

  12. I’d like to see Berbs and Malouda stay in the EPL. If their clubs aren’t using them, there’s no reason another EPL side can’t make use of them. They are each an exciting players! Berbs to Arsenal to back up RVP would be nice, but I don’t think they can can look pass the fact he was a spur lol.


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