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Who makes your 2011 Team of the Year?

BarcaTrio (

French publication L'Equipe named its 2011 Team of the Year recently, and as you might expect, Barcelona dominated the selections with six players on the team.

LIonel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo headline the squad, which includes a total of eight players from La Liga and two players from the English Premier League. Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is the lone player selected from outside of the top two leagues.

As with any such World Team of the Year list, there are going to players who look like major snubs, and a good case can be made for several candidates, including Arsenal striker Robin van Persie, who certainly feels like a snub.

Here is the squad, as selected by L'Equipe:

2011 World Team of the Year

D. Silva———-C. Ronaldo———Messi



Marcelo—–Vidic——Pique——D. Alves

——————M. Neuer——————-


What do you think of the squad? Who, in your opinion, are the biggest snubs?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. You have got to be kidding if you think neuer doesn’t belong there. After over 1000 minutes without passed in a league that is far more compeitive than the real-barca dominated league??

  2. ——Van Persie—Ronaldo——-

    Bale—Xavi—David Silva—-Messi




  3. It is an ok formation but in my opinion.

    C.ronaldo messi
    iniesta fabregas

    S.ramos Pique J. Terry dani alves

  4. All though I do agree with the middle, but I think we can slide riquelme instead of Xavi! Do t get me wrong, to me Xavi is on my top 3 fav midfielders. But I think riquelme can provide a little more with his passes than Xavi! Specially with fast pased players like Ronaldo and messi….

  5. ————Keane—Barrett——–


  6. Good point…I’d put RVP in over D. Silva. He should be center forward w/ Ronaldo out to the left forward spot. Silva is good but w/ Iniesta and Xavi in midfield he’s not good enough to make the best XI if we’re going position by position.

  7. no arguments. He’s a force, on the left, who gets forward and also covers space to tackle hard wherever positioned or interchanged, makes some big plays too, good crosses…at least this is my view, he’s a traditional left flank player on a planet needing more quality options at arguably the toughest position to fill

    Mike’s lineup below is nice. I’d put Bale in there for Vidic though

    so much is the eye of the beholder on these things, fun to discuss


  8. I think I’d take out Silva for RVP. Hummels for Vidic and Lahm for Marcelo. I’d love to fit in Schweinsteiger and Silva but I just have no where to put them.


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