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2012 MLS Draft: The Pre-Game


The 2012 MLS Draft is set to kick off in a few hours as teams from across the league look to add those missing pieces to the puzzle.

The 2012 draft class is a strong one, with depth at a variety of positions, such as centerback and attacking midfielder. There are quality prospects available that have teams trying to trade up into the top four, where the likes of Luis Silva, Kelyn Rowe, Enzo Martinez and Sam Garza have drawn considerable interest.

If you want keep up to date on who the top prospects are, you will want to check out my coverage of the MLS Draft. Here is my Top 50 MLS Draft Big Board, and here is my full two-round MLS Mock Draft. (I will look to put up some positional rankings before the start of the draft so stay tuned for those to be added in this post).

SBI will be providing a live commentary from the MLS Draft in Kansas City, so stay tuned for that. For now, give the Big Board and Mock Draft a read and let us know who you would like to see your team draft today.

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  1. Sorry maybe not ridiculous but it won’t happen. Houston can’t afford Ching’s salary or injuries. Period. Hainault was one of the most consistent players for the club last season. He’s not going anywhere.

  2. Its a top story on right now. It isnt rediculous. It’s been talked about for months. Montreal need a starting centre back to partner Rivas & they already have Braun, Nyassi, & the possibility of a DP striker so the need for Mattocks & Ching isnt as big as the need for Hainault imo. Now im not saying this is definitely going to happen but its certainly realistic & not rediculous.

  3. That is simply a ridiculous deal. Instead of Montreal fleecing Houston to get Ching back, it’s the Dynamo thinking they can fleece Montreal by offering a Canadian?

  4. Looking at the top 50. Funny thing about Babayele Sodade his picture looks amazingly like Brian Ownby. All-in-all, an odd name for a white kid…what’s Sodade doing wearing a UVa jacket?

  5. I’m confused. You have FC Dallas drafting Berry but you have Berry listed behind Maund on your top 50 list. Is there a reason for that?

  6. How do fans go about getting access to be in the room for the draft? I could easily get to Indy next year for the draft… do they sell tickets or is it strictly media in the room… seems there are some fans usually.


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