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Leiweke: Beckham’s LA return not done yet


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David Beckham is not heading to Paris, but it is not a certainty that he will be returning to the Los Angeles Galaxy just yet, at least according to AEG President Tim Leiweke.

Word came from Paris early on Tuesday morning from officials of Paris St. Germain that Beckham would not be joining the French power, seemingly setting up a return to the Galaxy. However, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Leiweke claimed that a deal is not yet in place to bring Beckham back to the Galaxy.

"The stories were all over the front page of every newspaper in Europe that he was going to Paris; I told everyone I would not pay a lot of attention to that," Leiweke told the LA Times. "And now that the stores are that he is going to the Galaxy, I would repeat the same advice: Premature.

"We have been talking with David about staying with the Galaxy for three months. And I said back in November, I was confident David would stay here and I still am.

"Does it look more likely that is heading in that direction? Yes. Are we done? No."

In the interview, Leiweke stated that he was not surprised at talk that Beckham's deal with PSG fell through for family reasons while also affirming that he had been in talks with Beckham's people throughout the day.

Beckham just concluded a five-year contract with the Galaxy, and had been expected to sign with Paris St. Germain, but with that move no longer looking like an option, Beckham appears close to accepting a rolling one-year contract to stay with the Galaxy in 2012. Reports in Europe are suggesting that Beckham's new Galaxy deal will allow him to take part in the 2012 Olympics with the Great Britain team.


  1. Hell – have Lampard stay at Chelsea until summer, have Keane, Beckham and Donovan all do winter/spring loans, and they could ALL be 1/2 DPs! LA could even sign two more half DPs and have a second half of the season run featuring 6 DPs!”:-)

    Meanwhile, they’d have little chance in the Champions League, but they’d be fun to watch in the MLS play-offs!

  2. As ridiculous as it sounds, while not exactly likely, I would not be quite so quick to dismiss a twisted scenario like that. Becks, Donovan, and Lampard could all be invloved in scenarios where any of them are regarded as “1/2 DPs”, if the Galaxy is sufficiently determined and the league sufficiently flexible.

  3. You should play fantasy football but a real GM, you are not.

    Donovan won’t extend (either personal choice, AEG or both) his loan deal.

    We’d love to see it but it’s beyond the realm of reality.

  4. Just had this thought:

    Donovan extends his loan at Everton through end of season. Then, they sign Lampard to a shiny new pre-contract.

    Beckham is there for the year, then (if i remember this correctly) 1/2 season DP for Donovan and 1/2 season for Lampard is allowed within the rules. Cue a league helped dream ending for Becks, and then LA is on their merry way with Lampard.

    I should be a GM.

  5. Martin Rogers, “They also allowed a provision that will give Beckham significant freedom to play a full role in the London Olympic Games in the summer, not just as a member of the England squad but also as a figurehead and ambassador for the Games.”

    I wonder if MLS/Galaxy have a minimum number of games he’ll play for LA galaxy?

  6. Per Nick Green’s blog, Liewicki, Garber and Becks had boxing day (some weird English holiday) together and now the Galaxy can have as many DP’s as they can afford!
    I’d get your season tix now before they double in price!

  7. So…this just came out because LA also has plans to sign Lampard/Drogba/etc etc and Garber hasn’t given the official ok for LA to have 4 DP’s yet.

  8. It’d make no sense for him to leave LA now. If his family’s the reason he didn’t sign with PSG, why would he uproot them anyway and go somewhere else?

  9. Leiweke
    “We have been talking with David about staying with the Galaxy for three months. And I said back in November, I was confident David would stay here and I still am.”

    Interesting, will they be consecutive?


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