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AZ defeats Ajax, advances in Dutch Cup

Jozy Altidore 2 (Getty Images)

As if there was not enough drama the last time Ajax and AZ Alkmaar played.

AZ advanced to the quarterfinals of the Dutch Cup with a thrilling 3-2 victory over Ajax in their rescheduled round of 16 match on Thursday morning. A second-half penalty kick goal would be the decisive finish in a game that saw each team take and squander leads.

Jozy Altidore saw time in the match, coming off the bench and playing 22 minutes for AZ in its upset win.

The game at Amsterdam ArenA was played in front of a crowd of 22,800 that was comprised of mostly kids from local youth groups and clubs. That came as a result of the incident that occurred with AZ goalkeeper Esteban Alvarado in the original meeting between these two teams in December, when an Ajax fan stormed the pitched to attack the goalkeeper.

What do you think of AZ's upset win? Think Altidore and AZ can go all the way and win the Dutch Cup?

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  1. Well power and size never hurt, on the other hand Iniesta,Xavi and Messi proably wouldn’t get a look from you and they are’t too bad at soccer.

  2. AZ won the cup three times to Ajax’s leading 18 times. Also, Ajax was on course to winning the last game and had their goal wiped away. Also, Ajax is coming in on better form and has won 3 out of 5 of their last matches with AZ (tying one).

    So, let’s trust Ives from now on when he calls an upset.

  3. Good game, but that penalty to win was controversial. Looked like the defender couldn’t do much to avoid the handball. Highlights at youtube:

  4. Bottom line he’s the best pure striker in the Nats pool.

    Potential to be the best US striker ever.

    What was the great McBride doing at age 22? Not playing much on a 2nd division German club side.

  5. Especially since Jozy is enormous for a soccer player, he should be able to dominate shorter teams. The “Ajax” style of learning has been key for many players, and since Jozy has never gotten phenomenal training here in the States, it should definitely help him. Before we know it, maybe we’ll see him back on Villareal.

  6. I am glad that an American has an opportunity to possibly win a cup in the Dutch league, but I also must admit that I am not a supporter of Jozy Altidore as a player.

    He doesn’t play with heart. I’ve seen him on several occasions cower and back down from heading the ball in scoring positions b/c there were other players attacking the ball.

    For a player with his large physique he hardly ever challenges for 50/50 balls. It’s like he doesn’t want to get injured or he is scared.

  7. i’m sad whenever Jozy plays but does not score

    was there ever a US striker who scored regularly abroad? I know McBride but what about Wynalda? what are his stats like?

  8. I agree. In my opinion, the best way a forward of his body type (the ‘target man’, tall and lean type) can play is as the fulcrum to START attacks, as opposed to finishing them off. Hopefully Jozy can continue to develop as a player that others play off of; this will allow him to free up space for the creators and will overall help his teams attack as more of a unit. Excited to see his career taking such a great turn.

  9. The Dutch coaches are still working with Jozy to get used to the style of playing, which is not making him the end piece, but rather get him to work with the entire team as one unit. He’s used to playing where he just shoots, and not really work with the other players around him. This will be good for his development, hopefully.

  10. Altdidore has been starting pretty regularly. If I am not mistaken, AZ has a league game against Ajax this Sunday so the coach might have wanted Altidore be fresh for that game.

  11. altidore looked pretty sharp when he came on. Probably should have had an assist with a neat no-look backheel that set a teammate through on goal.
    AZ look good, they definitely can win it all.


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