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Beckham returns to Galaxy on 2-year deal


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At long last, the David Beckham sweepstakes is officially over, and the Los Angeles Galaxy are the winners.

The league's original Designated Player signed a two-year deal with the Galaxy on Wednesday, putting an end to a long-winded bout of speculation regarding his future. After spurning Paris-St. Germain's advances, it was expected that Beckham would return to MLS. The fact that his new deal is for more than just one season, though, is a bit of a curveball.

"This was an important decision for me," Beckham, whose initial five-year deal with MLS expired at the end of last year, said in a team-issued release. "I had many offers from clubs from around the world, however, I'm still passionate about playing in America and winning trophies with the Galaxy."

"I've seen first-hand how popular soccer is now in the States, and I'm as committed as ever to growing the game here. My family and I are incredibly happy and settled in America, and we look forward to spending many more years here."

As SBI reported earlier in the day, Beckham is going to be re-introduced at a Thursday press conference. The event is set for 2 p.m. PT at the Staples Center. 

Beckham, by all accounts, had his best season in MLS last year in helping lead the Galaxy to the MLS Cup title. His 15 assists were second-most in MLS, one behind Houston's Brad Davis, and his overall play led him to his first MLS Best XI honors.

"I am thrilled that David has chosen to re-join the Galaxy, especially as he had numerous options where he could continue his career," Galaxy coach Bruce Arena said. "I felt that he was one of the best players in all of MLS last season, and we could not have achieved the success that we did without him. We look forward to trying to replicate that success this season with David once again in a Galaxy uniform."


Surprised Beckham's new deal is not just for one year? Excited that Beckham will remain in MLS?

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  1. Great! I’m very happy. Beck is very important to the MLS, but especially for the Galaxy.

    Donovan,Beck, and Keane!.. Galaxy games for me please.

  2. I’d love to put money on this. LA will win the Shield again because the Galaxy FO is not complacent. They see holes and they fill them. Get ready for a threepeat, marco.

  3. No doubt. It’s about mentality more than anything else. What Beckham, Giggs and Scholes lack in speed, they make up for in smarts.

  4. As the rosters now stand, I see Galaxy finishing no higher than 3rd in the west. Both Seattle and RSL will over take them. Juninho, and Omar will be difficult to replace. David had a very good year last season, one that will be very difficult to repeat.

  5. re-read what I wrote… “…important for him…” meaning Donovan. By virtue of being in EPL it is important for him. Is it important that Duece is there yet Fulham in lower in the table than Everton? So you don’t like Everton… Save it for the mirror.

  6. By the way, speaking of age, how old are Giggs and Scholes? Arent those two helping to keep MANU on the heels of City? We all need to rethink the expiration date of skilled soccer player. The old 32 seems to have risen to at least 37 IMO.

  7. Just where are LA going to get a player of Donovan’s quality for the his current money?

    Frankly, MLS has some terrific players for basement bargain prices (Shea, John, Ream ….)

  8. Now let’s add some role players and win this CCL…TFC will be no push over with the improvements they have made and the home crowd.

  9. Stephens shows nice hustle, but he is far from being a starter in MLS. I think Sarvas from Alajuelense will be Beckham’s partner this season. He has the size, physicality, and experience to better better than Juninho in the D-Mid role. Cardozo and Villareal are young, exciting playmakers to watch for also.

    LA need to find a competent partner for Robbie Keane when Donovan doesn’t play there. Cristman isn’t the finisher they need. The midfielders will give them plenty of service.

  10. good post. I want LA to really try and win the Champs League this year. Keane and Donovan will be helpful there. Also Lampard would be nice too.

  11. As much as I want Landon to come back it is equally important for him to remain with Everton. I hope that the club can find the cash to buy him and keep him… With that said, I want the Galaxy to win the CONCACAF Cup and move into the World Competition and seriously compete there too. So, now Arena needs to shore up Omar’s spot and get him some help. As much as I love AJ, I’d love to see a bigger stronger centerback there to defend…

    By the way, is it just me that finds it VERY cool that Landon is considered one of Everton’s finest players after just 2 1/2 weeks????

  12. A solid indication to the truth of this assertion is how the Gals didn’t work all that hard to retain Junihno. I will miss the scrappy Brazilian but I believe that Stephens is ready too.

  13. I’m wondering if Stephens won’t start to take on a lot more responsibility now that he’s gotten his feet wet the last couple of years. Seems like he could be set for a breakout year…

  14. This is definitely good for the league, looks like one of the most famous (not one of the best) players of all time will be retiring with the Galaxy, and after actually making a significant contribution.

    My guess is that Becks realized that despite the crazy amount of money PSG would be giving him, he would probably not get much PT there and it wasn’t worth uprooting his family for a few extra bucks and going shopping in Paris.

  15. Good. Now let Landon stay in Everton, and open up a DP slot for somebody else and let Landon get what he deserves(if he wants it).

    Side note-MLS should not increase the number of DP slots, right now they have the perfect middle ground with 3, to allow more when only 3/19 teams have even 3 would be foolish for the overall goal of league parity. There should be benchmarks, i.e. 40% of teams must have 3 DP’s and 60% must have 2 before the number will be increased.

  16. It’s good for the league.

    Arena will have to manage his minutes to get the most out him over these next two years. Gals really need to add another quality midfielder or two.


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