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Buddle begins week-long Everton trial

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Everton is in dire need of attacking help, and once again turned to an American to try and help turn things around.

The Toffees have handed Edson Buddle a week-long trial, and will be hoping to find a goal-scoring bargain at a time the squad is struggling to generate goals.

If Buddle does wind up signing with Evrton, he would be reunited with Landon Donovan, who he partnered well with during his dream 2010 season in MLS. Donovan is off to a flying start since rejoining Everton, provided a much-needed spark to the attack, and he could have an even bigger impact on the Toffee offense if David Moyes adds Buddle to the mix.

Buddle had enjoyed success with German second division side FC Ingolstadt, and also re-established himself as a factor in the U.S. national team pool, but a coaching change at Ingolstadt has paved the way for an early departure from the club he left MLS to sign with more than a year ago.

What do you think of Buddle potentially joining Everton? Think he could do well for the Toffees?

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  1. As a G’s fan who has watched Buddle closely since he joined the Galaxy and afterward, you won’t find a purer striker of the ball and E-Bud when he is in form and getting service. Watching Ingolstadt games it is absolutely amazing that he has scored at all, with a poor back line the average midfield spends so much time defending they provide zero quality of service. E-Bud is especially good at making early runs off the ball, which is why connects so well with LD, who sees the space early and provides quality quickly (see Anichebe sequence against Villa). E-Bud has improved his hold up play and passing in the past three years, which has brought him into the National Team picture. He took a while to grow up with poor training habits as a younger player. Now he a consummate professional. You can tell when he’s healthy because the ball literally jumps off his foot/head when he strikes. He can go on scintillating scoring streaks.

  2. lol…good point. But the Basque region is quite small. It would be like us only picking California players (not really as Spain is obviously better), but still a good point and always an interesting debate.

    I’d say our starting 11 would be mid table but after injuries etc we’d probably be deep enough to just stay up.

    That said the EPL is a midfield oriented league and we all know we have plenty of midfielders.

  3. Charlie’s main asset would be he would probably be dirt cheap. Which Charlie would show up, the reasonably productive Charlie who scored well for a while at DC? Or the self involved jerk who sulked on the bench at the end?

    However it would probably have to be a loan. I’m not sure how permit rules apply in such cases.

  4. Many of Everton’s plans to move into new stadium grounds and/or afford players has been repeatedly shot down by the government.

    Most of these plans involve selling land and assets to finance the move to a new stadium, one that would give them more ticket revenue that, along with naming rights, would give them more money to play with.

    Unfortunately the government does not approve of the plans of the intended buyers, so the plans have remained stalled for many years.

    Other than that, Everton is a responsible club that spends (mostly) within their means. So when they run out of money to spend, they shrug their shoulders and say “make do with what you have.”

    And good for them for having that sort of attitude.

  5. Agreed. If LA could do it, a Buddle/Keane duo up top would be fantastic.

    Remember, after all, Keane replaced Angel, who replaced… Buddle.

  6. Depends on how you set it up.

    If the team got to January and needed reinforcements, can they only be USMNT eligibles?

    Most EPL teams have at least 30 guys on their squads. Name our top 30 who are EPL quality.

    If that is the case then I’d say lower half of the table, flirting with relegation but probably not relegated.

    The concept has been tried in Europe before with teams like Athletic Bilbao only picking Basque players. Google them to see how well the concept works.

  7. As someone else pointed out good MLS strikers are not that cheap. And Buddle, who was a star in MLS, has already acclimated a bit with some modest success moving to Europe and scoring in Germany. He represents less of a risk than,say, Wondo, Montero or Odruo.

    Plus if you think about his size and how he plays he seems suited to the English game. You already know he’s used to the cold.

  8. It’s just a one week trial; but I have my fingers crossed for him.

    Buddle has his limitations but when it is safe to assume Edson will be an upgrade on Saha, then you know Saha’s age – 33 – has caught up with him.

    At least for the rest of Landon’s run at Everton, Moyes will know Buddle has a teammate who knows where to place the ball for Edson to finish, more often that not; and definitely more often than Saha, whom I’ve always liked, but. Here’s hoping it works out; because it can only help USMNT in the qualifiers.


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