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Dempsey, Guzan and Donovan instrumental in FA Cup wins

Dempsey getty

It wasn't a bad day for Americans in England as Clint Dempsey, Brad Guzan and Landon Donovan impressed in the third round of the FA Cup.

Dempsey continued his impressive goal-scoring form with a hat trick in Fulham's 4-0 victory over Charlton Athletic at Craven Cottage.

Dempsey opened the scoring against the League One leaders in just the eighth minute, taking control of a deflected through ball and beating John Sullivan in Charlton's goal. His second came 16 minutes into the second half when Dempsey combined with Costa Rica's Bryan Ruiz for a one-two and slotted the ball home. Ruiz again helped Dempsey along to his hat trick when he drew a penalty that the American converted.

Damien Duff sealed the rout with a late goal for Fulham.

Brad Guzan is doing well in his extended run of playing time as the Aston Villa goalkeeper saved a penalty in today's 3-1 win over Bristol Rovers. Villa had a seemingly commanding 3-0 lead entering the 90th minute but Bristol scored and a drew a penalty in quick succession.

Guzan put a stop to any hopes of a dramatic comeback by diving to his left and blocking Scott McGleish's penalty. This was Guzan's eighth-straight game in goal for Villa.

Donovan doesn't seem to be showing any signs of rust in his return to Everton and provided an assist in a 2-0 win over Tamworth. The loanee swung in a corner that Johnny Heitinga powered home in the fifth minute. Donovan almost got on the scoresheet himself but his powerful shot clanged off the post.


What did you think of today's performances? Is Demspey Fulham's most potent attacking threat? Could Guzan nab a starting spot in the near future? Impressed with Donovan's play thus far at Everton?

Share your thoughts below. 


  1. I can’t see Guzan keeping his spot. Shay Given is just such a world-class keeper and has been the preference for Aston Villa until his injury. He might, I just don’t see it happening. If not, he should look to move to another mid-table team, like a Newcastle, Stoke City, or Wolves.

    No way the LA Galaxy lets Donovan stay. He’s such a huge marketing deal for MLS. Plus, Everton simply can’t afford him.

    Dempsey to Liverpool…maybe. But I don’t think that’d necessarily be a good thing for him.

  2. We will stop watching the EPL as soon as they fail to provide high intensity, high-light some highly skilled palyers at least 4-6 teams deep. I think none of the other top leagues go as deep with top level teams. Right now, the best MLS club, no matter how you define best (as long it is not simply geographical) is not anynear the top 6 or more in the EPL.

    As for loving any EPL team, that is not really why I watch them. By geography, I should be a Red Bull of Philly fan, but neither has been able to capture my fancy; NY is sometimes entertaining, but they underperform so often, I often wonder if they care. Nowak has kept the Union organized, but it makes for pretty boring soccer, maybe now that he has had a couple seasons to instill solid defending, he will begin to work on the attack, we’ll see.

  3. I’d like to see MLS have a goal to bring all Americans back into MLS by 2015. It would drastically improve the league and make a statement that MLS can afford to keep its best players and that its best players want to play in MLS.

  4. As a nearly 50something guy who has been a fan his whole life it is amazing to live in this era. We are seeing American players not just get on the roster, or simply PT with EuroClubs with serious aspirations, but show themselves as stars too. I believe more and more everyday that I will see the USA win a World Cup in my time in this body…GO USA!

  5. $$$$$. lots of it. he’s got to put food on the family. If a big pay comes along, he cannot pass it up. If the money’s only slightly better, secure your legendary status at FFC

  6. More good news for Klinsmann,
    Gooch looked good against Porto, moving well.
    Gringo Torres playing well against Santos, great distribution.

  7. When are we, as Americans going to start loving MLS more than EPL. We have our own league now and we should embrace American clubs with more zealousness than any other league. I only look at EPL when the MLS season has stopped, because I just wanted see a good soccer game. MLS comes first, then other leagues.

  8. Haha. Sorry, man, you did not “roast” me. Where did I say he should go to Arsenal? Or City? Or Chelsea? I agree with you, I happen to think he wouldn’t play enough at any of these clubs, or any CL club in England. I didn’t say it in my first post but I think if he wants CL, he should leave England. But say Napoli loses Cavani or Lavezzi to one of them. Dempsey is more than good enough to play there. What if Borussia Dortmund lose Goetze or Kagawa? He’s got enough quality to fill in there. And it’s not just if teams lose a key player. I think he’d play at Schalke, Udinese, Lazio, and maybe even Valencia. Here’s something else to consider. Dempsey will command a pretty large transfer fee from anyone who wants him, and a team willing to pay that to force a move isn’t one that’s buying him with the expectation of him sitting on the bench. They’d want him to play. I also agree with Marlon; if Dempsey is this good playing with Ruiz and Zamora, imagine him combining with CL caliber players. You have a good point in that Clint has a good thing going at Fulham, and it’s not beyond the realm of imagination that he stays there. But it’s not as if a move would be an automatic failure. Have a little faith in the guy you call the best American export. A move, should one happen, would definitely be a risk. Any move is a risk. But you need to take into account other factors, and I think if Dempsey was playing at a club that wanted him, he’d find success. He’s done it before.


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