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Fulham 4, Charlton 0: Match Highlights


  1. Simply being on a CL team doesn’t make Dempsey a better player. The fact he plays for a small team and is able to represent himself very well proves 10 times more then playing for a “big” team and not doing anything.

  2. From one Fulham supporter to another:
    You have to include player development when you start looking at bigger clubs. More talent on the field and in the locker room also means more talent on the practice field.
    Dempsey is continually under rated by everybody. Every manager that arrives at the Cottage shows up with no intention towards playing Clint…then they see him play. He plays everywhere and still has a nose for goal. He’s become the player he is today a lot on his own. He gets a new manager every year, he plays for a team who barley gets 3 points and has a revolving cast of supporting players. And remind you unlike most other Yanks in Europe Clint didn’t come from the US development system, he learned the game on dirt fields and honed it playing for suburban teams. Yet he gets great chemistry with every LB he lines up with despite not really playing with them before. His talent is and has been enabling Fulham to stay a mid table team. Without him we would no doubt be relegated.
    It’s time for Fulham to cash out and for Clint to bring his game to the CL. He’ll show up for a team with a perfectly good spot on the bench waiting for him, recently transferred to a team where the manager is on his way out and is desperate to turn the team around. Before you know it Clint will be in the 11.
    There is no wonder that when Clint scores Fulham wins.

  3. Um… Dortmund is a bit better than you’re giving them credit for… Just waxed bayern in munich
    And marseilles ain’t bad either.
    Premier league isn’t all that past the big guns

  4. Stypulkoski, are you using logic again?? This is the interwebs. What did I tell you about using logic and “thinking” on the interwebs?
    You need to say 50 “Hail Mary’s.”

  5. I don’t understand this theory that a player would be better by virtue of playing on another team. Perhaps if it meant playing against better competition and therefore upping his game, but that isn’t the case. Dempsey already plays in the best league in the world, moving to a top club would only remove said club from the schedule and replace it with Fulham – how would that improve his play?

    And what is this notion that playing in the Champions League would make him a better player? Look at the CL schedule this year of Arsenal, the club he’s most frequently linked to around here: they have played Udinese, Marseilles, Olympiacos, and Borussia Dortmund in the CL this year. No disrespect to those clubs, but big deal. Do you think any of those teams could challenge for a title in England? In the next round they play Milan, and I’m assuming they will lose. So how would (maybe!) playing two games against one more elite team help Dempsey become a better player? And considering the fact that he would spend a fair share of his time on the bench…I am just flummoxed. How would warming the bench make him “the best Yank to ever play in Europe?” Either he’s the best now or he isn’t. I don’t see how diminished playing time and marginally better competition for a few games every year would make him a better player.

    And as far as “proving himself” by winning a trophy, all that would prove is that he moved to a bigger club with deeper pockets. Robert Horry won more NBA Championships than Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Kobe Bryant. Being on a better team does not make you a better player, and team trophies are of little use when evaluating individual players.

    /angry Fulham supporter rant

  6. If Dempsey was able to win a league/ domestic trophy or signed with a big club ala CL team, I think he would be without a doubt the best Yank to ever play in Europe save Brad Friedel.

    I mean Dempsey has amazing stats for a small team in the Premier League but he has to prove himself at either winning a trophy of any kind or playing for a CL team to leave no doubt.

  7. FA Cup Fourth Round on January 28th/29th – Everton vs. Fulham…the matchup everyone wanted when ‘Cakes went back to Merseyside on loan.


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