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Happy New Year (and Happy Birthday SBI)


Happy New Year everybody. It's a special day for us at SBI as well because today marks the fourth anniversary of our independent launch.

Yes, today is SBI's fourth birthday.

As we embark on our fifth year in business we will look to keep improving on bringing you soccer news and analysis from the United States and the world. As is the case each year, we will try to bring you improvements and new elements to our coverage to keep making SBI your source for news on all things American Soccer.

Please feel free to share with us what you like seeing on the site, what you would like to see less of, and what new things you would like to see us add to our coverage.

If you are craving a soccer fix today, there are two matches on the schedule as West Brom faces Everton (7:30am, Fox Soccer Plus) and Sunderland takes on Manchester City (10am, Fox Soccer Channel). Feel free to share thoughts on today's matches in the comments section.

Back to New Year's Day. Today marks the first day of what should be another exciting year for soccer fans. From the Olympics, to World Cup qualifying, to the CONCACAC Champions League to Euro 2012 and the upcoming MLS season, which will bring us the Montreal Impact and the Houston Dynamo's new stadium.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support and be sure to stay tuned as we keep things rolling in 2012.



  1. Oh, a couple more thoughts – first, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all US soccer fans, including SBI!!! Secondly, I hope that soccer becomes a “real” alternative for US atheletes. Then the average US athelete does NOT have to be super tall, very muscular or to put on pads/helmets to hit (or referred to body checking, blocking, etc.) their opponents. Plus the soccer player gets 1.5 hours of non-stop exercise.

  2. Thanks for a great US soccer web site. Since many of your readers are interested in making the US a more competitive soccer nation, please devote more time to youth coaching, their successful coaches and the techniques they use.

  3. To think I could have a medical degree with all the time I spent on soccerbyives in the last 4 years. Time well spent. Have a great year!

  4. Whatever happened to the Forum? I remembered in one of the chat sessions you said that we should expect one this past 2011.

  5. I agree with one of the posts above, a smart phone app or way in which we could read the articles better on our smart phones!! Also I used to love the You Write Caption contests, they were hilarious!!

  6. Happy birthday to SBI! Keep up the great work and 2012 will be a busy year for the National team, I look forward to seeing lots of coverage.

  7. I know you got to save a lot of this for Fox Soccer, and your various contributors for their websites, but in addition to all the other great stuff you have, maybe some more opinion pieces?


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