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How do you see Donovan faring with Everton this time around?


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Landon Donovan's second foray into the Premier League gets underway later today, with Everton's match against Bolton (3 p.m., Fox Soccer Plus/ Early rumblings have Donovan slated for the starting lineup, though that has yet to be announced publicly by Everton.

Wednesday's game is the first of nine matches in which Donovan will be eligible to play under the terms of his two-month loan to the Toffees, where his return has generated quite a buzz. Donovan scored two goals and helped spark Everton while becoming a popular figure at Goodison Park his last time on loan, and he'll look to light a fire under an Everton attack that has struggled to just 19 goals in 18 games — tied for second worst in the league.

In addition to Bolton, Donovan will get the chance to play against Tottenham, Aston Villa, Blackburn, Manchester City, Wigan Athletic, Chelsea and Liverpool in league play along with Tamworth in the FA Cup. 

How do you see Donovan doing during this loan stint? Cast your vote after the jump:


How did you vote? How do you see Donovan faring during this loan? Do you think he can help guide Everton to a winning record in his time with the club? How many goals do you think he'll score?

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  1. i sure hope. i realize a lot of times games aren’t on certain channels do to contracts, but my immediate thought was fox does this to help get people to buy FSC+.

  2. I’d love to see this loan end in a buyout of his L.A. contract. Signing that extension prior to WC 2010 so that he could get the first loan was one of the worst moves I’ve ever seen. Yes, it guaranteed him money with L.A. until 2013, but at what cost? A move to an EPL club back in 2009/10 would have been hugely beneficial to his development as a player…it’s always advantageous to play week in and week out against more skilled competition. It’s done wonders for Dempsey’s career. Landon has one more WC, MAYBE two if he can avoid major injury, and an EPL move certainly has the potential to make him an even more dangerous option for us in the midfield.


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