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Must-See Video: U.S. National Teams in 2011


  1. I’m not sure why everyone who complains EVERY FREAKING TIME about the “must see video” name isn’t banned instantaneously.
    These idiots are adding nothing of value to the discussion. They should contact Lionel Hutz, this would be his biggest case since his lawsuit against “The Neverending Story”….

  2. How does that not include Wambach’s header vs. Brazil? Is it a rights issue? Cause that clearly was the US Soccer highlight of 2011.

  3. Well we can only go up from here, 2011 wasn´t the best year for USSOCCER, I´m hoping for a much better 2012, good luck US.

  4. I think we need more categories for videos than “Must-See”. Maybe “Recommended Viewing”, “Somewhat Interesting”, and “Probably Not Worth Your Time But I’m Going To Post It Anyway”?

  5. eeeeeeeeeeh…I dunno about must see. More of a look at what the future could hold then the year of 2011.

    No Women’s World Cup, No real Gold Cup higlight…not really a retrospect of 2011. I’ve give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they didn’t have rights to those videos.

    Still decent and makes me excited about the future of US Soccer.


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