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Rapids name Pareja head coach


photo by John Dorton/

The Colorado Rapids have signed Oscar Pareja as their head coach, the club announced on Thursday.

Having beaten out three other finalists, Pareja will attempt to lead the Rapids to the MLS Cup final in his first head coaching position. Pareja served as an FC Dallas assistant coach and Academy Director last season, and was a long-time player for the Dallas Burn before that.

A native of Colombia, Pareja succeeds Gary Smith and is the sixth head coach in the history of the Rapids.

What do you think of this development? Did Colorado make the right choice?

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  1. Not gone, for 2 clear reasons: (1) it never actually existed, so it can’t be gone now, and (2) it’s such an embedded notion in so many people’s minds that they’ll continue to see it for a long time.

  2. welcome to Colorado Pareja! I hope he can make a number of quality changes quickly. We have a quality core of aging stars (Pablo, Casey, Mullen) and a quality players (Wynne, Moor, Pickens, Larentowitz) that need to locked up long term. Besides that we really need to add depth from the youth dept thats where I hope he can help the most.

  3. Would be a good move if it wasn’t for the fact that Paul Bravo will interfere with his leadership and cause chaos.

  4. +1000!

    Nice to see a true fan admit even when it’s their team that they play unwatchable soccer and how they could benefit of a bit of luck in the wide open system of the playoffs…

    Curious what team is that? Revs? DC? Although DC would surprise they picked it up and almost pulled off a playoff spot?

  5. Hah, I am not a Dallas fan. Unfortunately my favorite team also plays unattractive soccer, just like yours, so no need to be defensive. I’m just telling it like it is, no bitterness here. Congrats on lucking into a championship though, wish my team could do the same…

  6. Bitter much? Let me go shine the 2010 MLS Cup with your tears and your coach’s butter leather jacket. You know, the one our unwatchable soccer play won?

  7. Great move for the Rapids, if he has control there. Maybe they will stop playing unwatchable soccer now.

    Bad news for the FC Dallas academy, although they have had such success under Pareja that hopefully the structure has been put in place for that to continue without a hitch now that he’s gone.


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