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SBI Live Q&A (Jan. 17th Edition)

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It's that time again. Time to talk all things soccer in the first SBI Live Q&A of 2012.

We have plenty to talk about today, from the MLS Draft, to the U.S. national team camp and upcoming friendlies, to the U.S. Under-23 training camp and upcoming Olympic qualifiers.

We don't have to stop there. Want to talk European soccer, or today's MLS Supplemental Draft, or even if you want to talk TV, movies or music, we'll cover a variety of topics over the next few hours.

Get your questions ready and join me.

Let's get started (SBI Live Q&A is after the jump):



  1. They brought LD in to do exactly what he is doing. It is a team game and LD is a team player.

    Moyes said at the outset that Donovan is not a goal scorer and he was brought to bring the attack to life not score goals.

    Dononvan can’t be expected to lift up the team, play good defense, brighten up the attack, provide assists and score the goals all by himself. Which explains the moves for Buddle and Gibson.

    It’s not his fault if Anichebe and Saha are lame.

    If LD needs do what you say, Moyes would have already told him. Moyes has a lot more on the line than you do.


  2. Ev-Bri,
    Two things have bothered me about LD’s play at Everton. 1. He’s not as aggressive as he needs to be or is normally. He seems to want to get others into the attack, and Everton is dying for someone to lead them. Typically, this would be Cahill and by the time LD leaves it might be again. But for now, LD has to be more selfish and attack.
    2. He is playing way too many ‘back-pass’ taps for my tastes.
    But don’t get me wrong he has been Evertons best player this month. Just I KNOW he could be that much more if he put his attacker goggles on.
    Look how much better Neville is with LD on the right…move Landon to the left to link with Baines and you’ve got a dangerous left side. Should be fun to watch what Moyes does.

  3. hahaha if those are MLS players then im giving up on the league. They are all WAY past their prime and it would be brutal trying to watch them play. MLS already increases the cap every year

  4. Do you think is time for MLS to Increase the Salary every year at least 500.000 – a Million a year. I look like other league that new like J-league, Australian League, Chinese League and even now The Indian League are take some players away from the MLS. For Example Anelka and soon Drogba. I heard Canavaro, Pires, and other player that retire but still can played in a decent level. Plus we can still some good player from the Mexican League like for example Sanchez left America club and we could bring him to the MLS.

  5. I just finished a very close viewing of the Everton-Villa game from this weekend. I really must say, Landon looked spectacular. He was quick, his touch was pristine, and his positioning and awareness on both ends was top-notch. My only minor concern is his lack of that killer instinct. I feel like he could be a little more aggressive, and take an occasional risk.

    Still think he has 2 to 3 solid years to contribute to the USMNT during qualifying.

    Any thoughts from you fools!?

  6. Would be nice if at the end of the Q&A chat the Webmaster could transfer the text to a normal Web page for easier reading. Should just be a simple copy and paste job. That little box is, well, little and not conducive to flowing reading.


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